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Viking or Zephyr?

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I just signed up for Mogul Logic's January camp and can't decide where to stay.  I've never been to Winter Park before.  Should I stay at Viking where it's cheap or should I spend the extra money and stay at Zephyr?  I imagine that Zephyr is better, I'm just not sure how much.  I don't want late night partying but I don't need pampering.  I do like clean, comfortable beds.



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Zephyr is right next to the lift. Ski storage 100 feet from the lift. Underground parking, super convenient.

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The Vintage Hotel is anothr option. It may be in between and it is at the base of the cabriolet that goes direct to the slopes... WP has good free shuttle service in town also, so you might want to just do that. Will your clinic meet at WP or Mary Jane? If you are driving, you might want to stay in town and park (free) at the Jane if that's where they're meeting up. Seems "logical" as it's a mogul clinic.
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Can I ski from WP to MJ and back?  My wife will probably want to ski WP and I'll be at MJ.

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Yes you can. You can go up the Zephyr lift and then ski down "outhouse" to get to MJ base. That's a hell of a "warm up" run though. Otherwise you have to go up Zephyr and then ski down to either the Olympia lift and ride it up to get to top of Mary Jane Trail or go over to the High Lonesome lift and ride it up to get to the top of the MJ complex both a bit of a PITA first thing in the morning. Zephyr lift is the most crowded in the mornings and it's a long road to the High lonesome and not so short to get to Olympia. You can also take a shuttle over to MJ from WP. Since you are the one in a clinic and have to be at a particular place at a particular time, my 2cents would be to pick whichever was more convenient for you. If you are meeting at MJ, then you ought to start there, let her ride the Super Gauge up and take one of the green runs over to WP side. It's impossible to get lost. You imply by saying she'll want to ski WP that she's not as advanced a skier. Don't mean to assume anything, but she will have to be able to ski a blue at least to get back to MJ base at the end of the day or take a shuttle over from WP or have you pick her up. MJ has a lot of nice blue runs by the way, so she may want to ski over there too.
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Originally Posted by mitch236 View Post

Can I ski from WP to MJ and back?  My wife will probably want to ski WP and I'll be at MJ.

Well, yes and no.


You can always ski from MJ to WP. There is a cat track along the base from MJ to WP, and it's downhill to WP. To ski from WP to MJ, you have to be able to ride a lift from the base of WP to the top of Outhouse.


So, if your clinic meets at MJ at 9:00, you should drive to MJ or take the shuttle bus from WP to MJ. I think the bus runs early enough, but it's been several years, so I'm not sure any more.


If your clinic meets at 9:30, you can ski to it from WP.

Note that you can ski to WP from the Zephyr condos, but MJ is uphill.


The free town shuttle and the "cabriolet" from the Vintage will also get you to WP. From WP, you can catch a shuttle bus to MJ, or simply ride the lift and ski to MJ if your clinic doesn't meet right at opening time.

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Actually my wife is a solid intermediate but she likes groomed runs and I assumed that WP would have more of that.  If MJ has nice groomed runs then my problem is solved!  I'll be there this weekend for the Mogul Logic camp so if I have time to explore, I will check it out.


Any suggestions about parking at the base of MJ?  Sorry for all the questions but I arrive at 1am on Saturday and have to be ready for the first day of camp without much sleep!!!

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OK, but don't tell ANYONE.


If you are early enough (and presume you will be for camp/clinic) you can almost always park at the bottom lot at MJ. Park near the middle and cross the little bridge over to the lift. (lots of times, people don't even bother to go all the way down there to see if there is a space; it's usually worth cruising it even if there's a "lot full" sign out.


If you are too late, the next best thing is the Challenger Lot,or on the street just outside the Challenger lot. then you get on the cat track down to the base area.


If you are really late, park in the Corona Siding lot. take same cat track down to bottom. The only problem with this one is it requires an uphill trudge which is short but steepish. And at the end of the day, you have to ski from the top either down one of the black challenger runs or the sunny-side blues with the cat track to be high enough to hit the little exit off the cat track back to that parking lot. I have NEVER seen it where that lot is also full except a powder day at Christmas at 11:30...rolleyes.gif

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