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Within the next month I hope to take a private lesson or two.


I live in CO. and ski Loveland, so if you can go there that's ideal


"Level" seven, six, five, eight and nine, recovering from major injury, was told I would probably never ski again.


Looking to learn how to really ski, if you want me to do drills all day on greens, great.


No illusions about my abilities.


Can do any blue, decently.


90% of single blacks, not tight bumps or trees.


Only done open, bumpless and soft double blacks since injury.


I know where my edges are and can carve reasonably well.


I have 185 armada jj's, 187 head mojo 94 and 159 k2 fujatives.


Horribly out of shape from 15 months inactivity.


My pole use isn't great.


Not lots of money to spare.




Any offers?