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Daughter is in ski school got a free day
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Well thx to some flight cancellations we just made it to keystone no worries though. Daughter is in ski lessons for next couple of days  any bears gonna be around and  wanta give me a grand tour give me a shout



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Hi GW--

Welcome to Colorado--glad you made it in. Hope you're staying warm in this unusual cold snap--should be warmer (finally) tomorrow.

I wish I could join you for a few runs, but I'll be over at Copper Mountain while you're here. If you do get over my way, please drop in and say hello!

Happy New Year!
Best regards,
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Thx Bob can't get to copper sorry dude no car

Daughter is coming along nicely she is already starting to parallel after 1 st day she'll be at epic in no time I'll see ya at epic though

Man I have been practicing bumps I found some cool runs by outback skied some crazy stuff today found some things I should of and some thing I shouldn't have but thanks to your excellent instruction I made it through. I did a lot of exploring today from one side to the other y'all have a pretty cool mountain eh

Chris is going to try to break loose tomorrow for a few runs hopefully he can

C ya at Snowmass
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blandry and his son are in Keystone and are suppose to hook up with Annie.

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Yea thx Ray I caught up with them this morning me and Clay Skiied all day and Blandry joined us mid day


It was a beautiful day and not to mention the fresh powder we got last night


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I'm glad you were able to ski with blandry before the boarder took him out.

His vacation ended yesterday!


Good news is: no broken bones.


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Hope your daughter had a great time at ski school! I work there and it's great to hear she learned a good amount - that's one of our core goals (Safety, Fun, Learning). If you're ever looking to build a relationship with an instructor and want more lessons for you and/or your daughter, I'm always available for all ages in ski & snowboard. You can reach me at

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