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K2 Raygun Wide Snowboard 160 2011

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I just ordered a K2 Raygun Wide Snowboard from House Boardshop today and I'm starting to think it may have not been the best choice.  I consider myself an advanced boarder.  I like to push myself and my board to its limits which of course often leads to lots of rock scratches and dings but it's worth it.  I tend to prefer snowboarding off the groomed runs where the powder and trees are and if I am on groomed runs, I love going very fast.  Unlike my friend who has a variety of ski's depending on the snow, I prefer one board that is versatile.  I like going off jumps too, but not as much as I like going through trees and boarding down cool mountain formations.  I don't do any of the grind rails/boxes or halfpipe. 


After reading some reviews on the Raygun, it seems the board is designed for beginners to intermediates.


I have been using a 159" Nitro Magnum for the last 5 years with white union bindings.  The board is great for high speeds, but often I wish it was a bit easier to manuever. 





Is this board still a good choice or based on my preferences should I continue looking for something different?


Body Specifications:

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 lbs

Shoe size: 12

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I think the Raygun in addition to being a beginner/intermediate, is more of a jib type board.  In other words soft.  K2 is really making some great boards, but I don' t think this is the one for you. 

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I've pretty much decided that this board isn't for me.  This board is looking like it's gonna be the one especially because what the guy is doing in the youtube video is basically what I do.


Rossignol Experience:



Nice youtube video:



If I'm 6'1" with a weight of 160lbs, is 159 a good length?


Another board that was recommended to me:

Lib Tech Attack Banana EC2 Rocker


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