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Old guy needs update

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Skied for first time in about 17 years on my old Salomon SX 91 Equipe boots, PRE 198cm( 70-60-80) skis with my 13 year old son.First I went down a groomed blue-all good.So I ripped a black diamond with crud and showed- off a bit( kid did not know I could ski) and a 20 something guy on little Volkls looked at me kinda funny like he did not realize skiing existed in the 70's  or 80's.Still smiling two days later- and the kid wants to 'board' with the old man... 

Just like riding a bike & old times at Whistler when real ski bums ripped on 220's through whatever was on the slope and the lift had a certain sweet odor at times.

Questions:1. Will my boots explode soon? is the 340-45 on the sole my size?

                2. What will happen to my skiing when I go to "new shaped skis" ?

                3. 5'11 @ 190lbs....How long, and what side cut, do you think I need?


Back in the day we only had 1 pair of skis...I plan on doing the same-one ski to do it all.

I welcome your recommendations.Thanks.

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Old Guy; Welcome back.  If I remember correctly Salomon had its own scale for boot sizing so I don't think 340 is your size in today's boots.  A men's 27.0 in today's mondo point sizing is a 9 as you add the digits to the left of the decimal point; a 27.5 converts to a 9.5 with the extra half point).  I don't think yours will "explode" but boots have come a long way since those Salomons and it is the most important piece of gear.  As for skis they have actually been trending towards a little less side cut (there are many exceptions of course) but you shouldn't be too worried about it and I bet after a few runs you will be fine.  Try something with a big sweet spot like a K2 Apache Recon, a Fischer Watea or a Dynastar Sultan (the K2 is 78 mm underfoot while the others come in different widths); you should be able to find these to demo without too much trouble.  Length is partly a matter of personal taste but I bet you would find something around 180 to 185cm would work well for you.  Most frontside/backside skis don't come any longer than 185 to 190.  Websites like Dawgcatching.com (a frequent contributor to EpicSki) are helpful.  Good luck.   

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