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Hunter Mounain tomorrow

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I'm going to roll the dice and go up to Hunter tomorrow.  I know it will likely be crowded, but my vacation days are few and far between so I gotta take the days when I can.  I was there a couple of weekends ago and used the singles line on the 6 pack and raely had to wait more than a few minutes.  I'll also probably be going up NYD.

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Wasn't crowded today, maybe because most of NYC was still digging out, but I can't imagine there will be all that many more people tomorrow. Thursday, however, all bets are off.


I've skied many a  New Years Day at Hunter; it will be almost empty, especially in the morning. Think non-holiday Tuesday/Wednesday.

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I'm trying to make it up this weekend (MLK weekend), and I'll probably be sticking to Hunter West...let me know if you're able to get there.

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