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Sun Peaks - POV

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Back in Sun Peaks for the holidays, and just had my first 4 days of the season. ski.gif

Conditions are pretty good, better than my legs! The mountains are 100% open, with just a few rocks and roots showing up in the steeper terrain.

We've been getting the usual light snow in frequent moderate dumps (2" the first day, 4" in the second and 3" last 24h) and some good afternoon sunshine as well.

And the best thing is that it's not crowded at all for this time of year (well, yesterday the bottom chairs had a 3- 5 min line, but Crystal, Burfield and Elevation chairs were fine.


Here is a video, I'm still working on the camera mounts:



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Nice skiing and very nice video editing!  Thanks!



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Hi Thaigo,

I'm the long time local that took you out to Gill's Hill side country last year. Nice to see you back for a visit. I'm working at Elevation Outfitters (Delta Hotel lower level)  from 2 to 8pm Thurs. to Sat. Stop by and say hello if yoiu get a chance.


For those that don't know,  last year Thaigo made a video and did social media that won him the Sun Peaks Snow Bum contest and got 3 months free sking and accomodation and other perks including heli skiing. There is another similar contest this season but on a smaller scale.

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Hey DanoT!


I saw in one of your posts that you were a Sun Peaks long time local, working at the Delta, and it just came to my mind that you could be Danny! The one who took me out to the Gill's for the first time last season.

It's nice hearing from you, I'll definitely come by Elevation and we should do some runs as well!



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Some interesting and different angles on this. Thanks for posting.  I tagged it for Sun Peaks.


I hope you'll share more about the "technical details" of the camera and mounts.  Looks like you're having fun.

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Hey Cirquerider,


It was recorded with the GoPro, I used both the chest mount, and the helmet one. The chest one is nice because you get to see better your arms and poles, and it's easy to share with other skiers.


When using the helmet mount I tried different angles and extensions in order to make it possible to record my face and upper body, as well as the lower body + skis. (I fixed the 3M adhesive in the forehead of my helmet)

One thing I noticed is that the rec mode 2 (720p) has an even wider angle than the rec 5 (1080p), so it works better when capturing images that are very close to the camera. (ex: when you point the camera down to your face or skis) but it makes things a little flatter as well.


I used basically the same mounts on this bicycle video as well:



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