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Easy Off 98mm

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Starting to think about new boots - Primarily because taking off my older boots are a pain until they reach room temperature. Help me save some time by suggesting a list of some 98mm boots in the 100 -110  flex range that will not tweak my knees and feet when I'm getting into them.

One line of boots that interest me that are hard to find are Fischers. I like the way my old ones ski but they are a bear to take off cold. Any idea if they are any more user friendly now?

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full tilt will solve that problem.

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Thanks Mntlion.

What a great idea - considering I have a pair in my garage that I'd forgotten about. I bought them used and never had them "fitted" because there is no Full Tilt dealer where I live or ski. I had a few problems with what seemed to me to be a narrow toe box. None of our listed fitters are in my home town or at ski area I'll visit this year - but I have a bootfitter here I'm comfortable with. Are there any problems using a fitter who does not frequently work with Full Tilts? 

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so long as they can mould a thermo liner they should be fine fitting the FT, of all the shells out there they are ones that i would stretch any areas of space required rather than grind (unless super confident with the area being ground) as the shells have a thin wall in more places than most

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