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Skis for my wife

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My wife is just getting back into skiing.  This is her second season back on skis, and she is making good progress.  She is a level 5 skier and getting better. That being said, I do not see her getting off the groomers anytime soon.  She is 5'10 about 140 lbs and I want to get a forgiving ski that will give her enough performance to continue to improve.  We live on the east coast and ski 3 or 4 days around here and this year we are going to Park City for 10 days.  I am probably thinking buying used now and then get her another pair in a couple of years once she figures out what she wants. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Two skis that would be a good call for her are the Blizzard Viva 7.6 (grippy and hard snow biased) and the Dynastar Idyll (a bit wider and little more snow condition generic) Both of the these skis will out perform some skis that are $100-$200 more expensive. Choose something in the 162-167 range for your tall lady.



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My bad Laurel and Hardy humor wonders what kind of skis you can get in exchange for your wife, but the ski gear chick in me has to agree with Sierra Jim on the suggestions.  

There are a bunch of great skis out there that can do what she's looking for but those that he mentioned are probably the best bang for the buck.


I will say, that the ski that surprised me most this year when I demo'd was the Rossi Attraxion which could also be added to her short list of demo skis.  The last time I skied it was a few years ago and I found it to be uninspiring.  However, this year when I got on it, I found it to be playful and very easy to ski.

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I am curious about your recommendation for me.  

Am here in Truckee and have skied Sqauw all week. I have been demo-ing skis since my skies are "old school" and not wide for the big powder.  I am 46 years old 5' 7" 127 lbs.  I'm not super aggressive, an advanced intermediate. My perfect day is groomed Headwall, and other long steep runs.  (I grew up in the east).  I am just starting experimenting going off piste with friends (granite chief off the chair to the right through the trees was a real experience!).  And am thinking this is the year I will really be all over the mountain (except the bumps, no bumps for me!) I have 2 kids on mighty mites so I will be skiing a bunch this year and want to invest in some new skis that will stay with me as I advance.


I demod the Dynastar Legend and Rossi S90 - liked them both a lot.  They were really quick and "turny" but seemed to feel less stable when I started to go fast. Am worried as I start to feel more comfortable and go faster they will not feel as substantial if that makes sense.  

I also tried the Volkl Kenja which I liked as well.  They were not as quick and turny, but as I started to get more comfortable, they were good and felt more substantial on the long groomers. Although, oddly Volkl felt kinda hollow compared to Dynastar and the Rossi S90 that I liked as well.

Since you are here in Truckee, am curious about your recommendation for a all mountain ski.



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I think that you will find that the characteristics of skis tend to become tradeoffs. The Kenja felt more stable at higher speeds because it is a stiffer ski than the Dynastar or Rossi. That is the same reason that it felt less nimble. Choosing between those simply becomes a priority decision. If you prize the stability factor, then you'd choose the stiffer ski and if you prize the nimble feel, then you'd choose the softer ski. IAC, there are loads of skis that could be a fit for you including some that are even wider than what you've been on to date (although that is another priority decision as well)



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Thanks very much.  Could you recommend some of the other skis that I might demo?  Are you at the starthaus?  Am happy to stop in there to demo.

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