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I'm looking for all mountain twin tips too. I'm 6'2" and about 75kg, and finally wanting to buy my first skis now I've stopped growing and its more cost effective than renting! 

I'd say my needs are: 

Piste 55% 
Powder 35% 
Park 10% 

So I'm looking for a ski that will hold an edge well and is capable of turning in a nice tight radius; is stable at high speeds; has a wide enough waist to float in the powder and is flexible enough for a bit of fun in the park, but not lacking stiffness to still rip the groomers. I'm a pretty aggressive skiier too, at an advanced level wanting to progress to expert! 

So far, my pretty extensive research as given the following skis as the best bets (my budget is 500 including bindings) 

Line Prophet 90/Prophet Flite 
Salamon Lord (despite being only a semi twin tip) 
Line Chronic Cryptonite 
Scott Punishers 

I also looked at the K2 Kung Fujas but though at over 100mm waist they're bound to lose edge grip on the groomers? 

Any advice, opinions, previous experience and recommendations would be much appreciated!