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Tahoe area 1/22 - 1/29 ... advice on which resorts to ski

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I've planned a trip for Tahoe from January 22 - 29th.  We're staying on the south end - about 4-5 miles from the Heavenly base.  I know we'll ski Heavenly at least 2 days and probably Kirkwood a day or so.  All in all we'd like to get 5 days on the slopes while there.


This is my first trip to Tahoe, so I'm asking for some feedback or recommendations on where to ski in the area ... may consider possibly Alpine Meadows and probably not Squaw.  So from the local bears, help me with some advice on where to ski in the area. 


We're both ~level 6-7 skiers, enjoy cruising and some off-piste.  I don't mind steep or bumps or trees, and can navigate pretty much thru either combo of 2 of the above.


Thanks - look forward to your feedback.

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Have a look at Mt Rose (and deals like free lessons for Silver/Greying older folkj, and '2 fer tuesday' lift deals and 'women ski free on ...'.


Check out Sierra at Tahoe as well. Grab a ski patrol guide for an hour's guided trek over Huckleberry Canyon (free or $33 for a 1/2 day iirc).


There, that's 4 resorts within an hour or so of Heavenly.


At Heavenly the Rangers have orientation treks (free) at set times. Can't recall more detail so check the website.


Getting to Alpine might be a problem if the road via Emerald Bay is closed. The other way, via Zephyrs etc, must be 2 hours drive.


You might'nt like Squaw, but theres shuttles (free or $10 iirc) from places at Heavenly that go there (and Kirkwood and Sierra) as far as I can recall. I thionk Alpine stopped their shuttle service from Heavenly to Alpine.

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What you have is a good plan.  Be advised that in the winter, the road is not always open between south and northlake, where the other resorts are (Alpine, homewood, squaw, northstar, mtrose, etc.).   If you do make a stab at going to Alpine, get there early if it is a powder day - - - the parking is limited and if you don't get a place there is no overflow parking or anything like that; they will send you to Squaw where you said you weren't interested in this trip.


Sierra + Huckleberry = some seriously advanced tree skiing.  Not sure if you are upto/into that sort of thing; in places - the trees are tight and the pitch very challenging.  It is done.  You won't run into loads of people doing it.  Even without the trees, SAT (sierra-at-tahoe) is a nice, and has alot of ski-able terrain albeit is a smaller  resort;  I see alot of people going in there from southlake, so there is an attraction.   Sierra seems to have a heavier powder than Heavenly or Kirkwood, though I'm sure that my sample size is small.


All of the resorts have loads and loads of fresh snow this year.   

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Are there places in and around the area to get discount lift tickets?  I've looked on-line and "ouch" ... just wondering if local ski shops have discounted tickets, and who these are.

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well my how things have changed since my last post,


now I think you should go to Jackson Hole or Vail and bail on CA.  It is warm and sucky and nothing but glare ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon.



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