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About me:
6'0", 200 lbs, decent skier.  If you need to know a number, probably a level 8.  More of a finesse skier than a charger, IMO.
My skis: Watea 94, Huge Trouble

About the day:
Groomers were in good shape, off trail was a mixed bag of firm bumps, soft bumps, soft crud, pockets of soft snow, and some icy sections.  I saw on TGR that Rowen from ON3P was going to be up in WA, got in touch with him and he said to call him in the AM.  9am I pulled into the lot (running a little late) and gave him a call.  Turns out he'd just gotten there and had parked about 4 cars over from me.  Perfect!  Nice guy, and I was very grateful for the chance to try out some ON3P skis.

About the ski:
They took me a few runs to get used to, mainly because they're stiffer than what I normally ski.  I really felt this in the bumps, I think because specifically the tails are stiffer than I'm used to.  After a few runs, I started to get comfortable on them.

Outside the bumps, these were great.  In both the crud, soft snow, and on groomers, these were money.  They actually felt much better when you opened them up a little.  Very stable, somewhat damp, but still with some decent energy to them.  By the end of the day, I was digging railing some big GS carves on them.  And I really liked how they'd punch through crud.  However... I think the stiffness would probably take them off my shopping list.  If I owned them, they'd be a daily driver, and my daily driver has to ski bumps.  These weren't as easy as I'd like in bumps, whether it's my failing or the ski, I'm not sure, but I think I'd rather have something with softer tails.


All in all, I had a lot of fun on them.  I can see how someone would really, really like these skis, and I did like them, but I think I probably wouldn't buy a pair.  If they softened up the tail a touch (and they might do that if I asked, I don't know, one of the benefits of an indie is that you can ask), I'd be tempted.