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WTB -- Progressor 9+ or Contact Cross

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Season's greetings.  I'm looking to pick up a pair of new skis for use in the northeast only.  I spend all my time carving on the frontside and am looking for skis with excellent grip at speed.  (My mogul days are behind me, so that's not a consideration.)  I'm 6 feet, 230 lbs, and ski at about a 7.  I think I've narrowed my choice down to the Fischer Progressor 9+ or the Dynastar Contact Cross, relying largely on the excellent commentary on this site and on realskiers.  I've demoed both skis this season -- the Fischers in a 175 and the Dynastars in a 172.  Based on my size, I assume I'll want the longest ski available for either (the Fischer is a 180, the Dynastar a 178, I believe).  I really like both skis and am having a hard time making a final decision.  I was hoping to ski the Fischers again this weekend (the other time I was on this year's model was very early in the season, in poor conditions), but the longest pair I can find to demo near where I'll be is a 170.  I'm not sure whether that's even worth it, so I'm looking for a final push in either direction, or for someone to tell me I should hold off and try the Progressors (in at least a 175) again.  Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Are they this years?

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Yes, this year's skis.

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Well the Progressor 9 is more on the advanced side, the crosses are more on the intermediate.  Progressors are going to be able to mix up the turn radius pretty well (though more short turn oriented), and tbh I really don't know a whole lot about the Crosses.  The Progressors are often touted as the ideal east-coast ski by some, if you're on-piste all day.  If you wanna get better or plan on skiing hard, go Progressor, if you're content with where you're at or just wanna take it easy most of the time, go Crosses.



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For what it's worth, since I haven't skied the Dynastar, but I can attest to the Progressor 9+ as being an incredible ski.  I've only been using them this year, and it's the first ski I've bought in 10 years, (been renting when I go on trips) but picked them up immediately after casually demoing them end of last year. They immediately stood out to me over anything I'd ever remembered skiing. I am 6'1" 170lbs, and have the 170 length. At my weight, I can't find the speed limit. I ski them balls out, and still can't seem to push them hard enough.

It really is an ideal east coast ski. Even sticks on the icy/hard stuff.

This was my first exposure to a dual radius ski, and I think it lives up to its hype. I think it is ideal if you're someone like me who loves cranking huge fast turns, and then peppering in quick short turns too. I don't race, so I am not partial to either an SL or GS ski,  but this seems to do both great.

Personally I might have liked the 175 better just because each size up also bumps up the radii by one meter. (170= 13m/17m, 175=14m/18m).

I initially demoed the 165 last year, since it was all they had at the time, fell in love with them, then bought the 170 without demoing that size, and I couldn't be happier.

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Thanks for these comments.  I'm leaning toward pulling the trigger on the Fischers.  Much appreciated.

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Fischer Progressor 9+ or the Dynastar Contact Cross


I just switched from the Dynastar Contact LTD (essentially the Contact Cross from a couple years back) to this year's Progressor 9+.  I'm still using the Contacts to teach on, so I've been back and forth on them over the last couple weeks.


They're both great skis for Eastern conditions.  I liked the Contacts more than other skis I demoed a couple years back.  The Progressors are the only things I've tried since that I liked more than the Contacts.


The Progressors have a higher speed limit.  In fact, they seem to have no practical speed limit, at least on a hill with other people around.  The Contacts will get a little shaky at high speeds.  If you want to go fast, I'd recommend the Progressors.  If you want to go REALLY fast, and stay only on groomed trails, you might look at the 10+.


These skis are both pretty stiff.  I'm 6'6", 260lbs, and I got the Progressor 9+ in the 175 length for better maneuverability in the bumps.  It would be hard to overpower them.  If you're a reasonably capable skier, you could handle the 178/180 lengths.  The longer models will be more stable at speed, but a bit slower.  Don't feel like you HAVE to get the longest size if you like them in the lengths you've demoed.


The only downside that I found to the Progressors was that they're really, really damp.  They smooth out the ride so much that you don't feel all the little bumps and imperfections in the snow.  Some people don't like that.  The Contacts are more lively, and maybe a tiny bit quicker edge to edge.

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