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Looking for myself - I'm 5'5", about 150lbs, used to ski a lot but now only about 2-4 times per season.  Sold my OLD pair of Salomon race skis that I bought 15 years ago, now looking for a shaped ski to do mostly greens & blues.  


I don't mind used or older models, but prefer within 5 years old and in good shape.  I have my own boots, and just don't want to spend a lot for something I only do once in a while.  However, I would like a solid internediate-level ski.  My preferred brands are Salomons and Atomics, but I'll look at anything if it fits the bill.


I'm in the mid-east (VA), so most of my skiing is on not-so-great groomed slopes with fake snow.  Size should probably be between 153-158.  I've been searching eBay but am a bit worried about getting something 10 years old or with damage, etc.  Thanks!



Julie S.