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De-Tuning Rocker?

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I have searched this forum and found lots of info on de-tuning tips and tails, but nothing that was rocker specific.  Pardon me if I missed it.


I usually de-tune my tips about 2" back on the running surface. If I have skis with a 15/15 tip rocker (6" back), should I de-tune the rockered edge all the way back to the flat running surface? Do I de-tune the transition or any of the flat running surface?


Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Check out this TGR thread.

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The points in the TGR thread about a ski with tip-rocker having an elongated effective edge when laid over are key.  The transition zone should still get a blended detune, so that you basically have a smooth transition into and out of the cut.  The definition of the transition zone can vary depending on ski shape. 


When you say you usually detune 2" back, to me that's a lot if you mean a full detune, as opposed to blending from full to no detune. 


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I blend the detune for about 2", but I am 6'5" so the shortest skis I own are 185s.  I hate catchy hooky skis, have a somewhat laid back style,  and like a ski that lays there until I tell it to do something, so I probably detune a little more than most.

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Before my trip out West, I tuned my Rossi S3's to 3 degrees on the cambered portion blended to 2 degrees on the rockers.  Worked great in Utah snow, but we'll see what happens back here on the EC, where edges actually matter.

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I just de-tuned my reverse sidecut (tip/tail) on my S7's.  Didn't touch the rocker yet.  Still at factory 1/1 and they are fine on hard pack.  I want to ski on it more before i do anything radical to the is a powder ski after all.

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I was finding my Johnny 94's which have a mild rocker and are a bit longer then i typically ski switchy/ twitchy and catching on groomers when i laid them over, so I detuned the tips (rocker wide portion) on them a little (gradual) and i'm finding the transition much nicer when i hit the groomers now for the run down and bit more comfortable on the the hard (prone to icy patches between snow) bump run I tend to use on the way down also.  They really aren't nice in the bumps, but it's a more interesting run to bring a group through after a bowl at the top.

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