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Rossignol S86 Freeride - length recommendations for 5'11" Upper level intermediate

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I looking to replace the Atomic R10s 170cm that I've used for that last 6 or so seasons.  After a lot of research the Rossignol S86's sound like a good option.


I usually only ski out West (Vail, Beavercreek) and this year Deer Valley - but usually only get out for a week or two each season.  I'd consider myself upper level intermediate.  Ski a mix of front and backside but tend to avoid real steep runs (double blacks) or big moguls. 


I'm 38, about 5"11 and 175lbs and pretty fit.  From what I've read it sounds like the S86's ski a bit short so going up a size may be reasonable.  Therefore I was thinking of going with the 178cm instead of the 170cm, but could certainly use some guidance here.


 I wish I had more time to demo etc, but with me heading out in a few weeks, I'd like to get my skis set up and ready to go before I leave.


Any help would be much appreciated.  Also if anyone wants to jump in and say that these skis would not be a good fit for me - feel free!


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Just an update.  Talked with one of the guys at the local shop and he is steering me towards the 170cm.  I like the idea of the additional control with the shorter ski and I was happy with my R10's at 170cm.  Just wanted to check back here before pulling the trigger.

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Suggest you email info off of the Rossignol site.  They responded to me pretty quickly on the same question.

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Seems really short. Since you only ski out west, I would go with the longer length.
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thanks for the tip on emailing Rossignol.  I went ahead and did that and am waiting to hear back.


Went to another shop and talk to them for a while.  They agreed with the above comments and said to go with the 178cm.  I put them on hold for now since they only had two pairs left and had a nice deal on a package with bindings.  They said I can switch them out to something different if I change my mind.


I'll wait to hear back from Rossignol and then go from there.  Thanks for the advice so far.

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Yup, 178cm.  That was the right length of S86 for me on demo day.   I'm 150 lbs and aggressive, but becoming over-the-hill.  If that length turns out to be a skoche long, you'll grow into them as you continue to get faster.

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The Rossignol person got back to me very quickly via email.  She recommended the 178 cm as well.  Looks like I'm heading to the shop tonight to get the 178 cm S86 Freerides.  Can't wait to get out West to test them out in January!


"Our product manager has developed a ski sizing chart that takes into consideration weight, height & ability.  Considering those 3 components, the chart determines that you would ski a 178cm (170-189lbs).  A 170cm ski would be for someone 140-169lbs."

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FWIW, I (5' 8" 130lb) recently demo'ed these skis in 170cm and really liked them. Upon initial inquiry Rossignol responded that I should get a 163, which seemed short to me. When I emailed back with a couple more questions they sent me this response:


"We do consider weight, height and ability, but our charts just reflect the weight ....  For advanced skiers we see no problem and often recommend going up a size in skis for just what you said – speed/stability.  It really comes down to personal preference."

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I ended up getting the 178 cm S86 Freerides.  I skied them the last two days at Deer Valley.  The conditions here are a bit unusual for this time of year.  Yesterday was very warm and this morning it was very windy and with some rain overnight the mountain was pretty icy today.  Not quite Tremblant ice, but not that far off.


The S86 have worked really well for me so far.  Despite the snow conditions they are holding an edge well and are really confidence inspiring.  I had toyed with also bring my old Atomic R10's (170 cm) along but ultimately didn't.  Given the conditions, I would have liked to ski them back-to-back with the S86's.  My impression is that the S86's can hold an edge even better the my R10's did.


Hopefully we'll get some snow in the next few days here so that I can try them out in some softer conditions.

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