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Tahoe transportation and advice - North to South Tahoe

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Hey guys,


I was invited to spend a few days at Squaw Valley with a few friends the end of January.  I have never been to Tahoe and am very excited!  Their plan is to spend the whole time skiing at Squaw ( 3 of four days)... which I am all about doing for several days.. as I have heard amazing things about it,  but I am also very interested in venturing to South Tahoe for the extra day or two (namely Heavenly and/or Kirkwood); however, we are not renting a car and I have been unable to find any tranportation/shuttles that go back and forth between North and South Tahoe for a day trip.  I am wondering if anyone knows of transportation means that will help.  We are taking north tahoe express shuttle from Reno to Squaw.  


I suppose the other question is is it worth it to make the trip to South Tahoe for a day.. or will Alpine Meadows or something in North be more worth it?


I am unsure when/if I will get to return to Tahoe - so I am trying to maximize/optimize the trip!


Also, if anyone has any local knowledge about squaw that they are willing to share I am all ears..


Thanks and hope everyone had a good holiday,


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As has been said here before, you should not plan on going between north and south lake tahoe. It takes forever.  If you are getting board at squaw take a day at alpine meadows.  It's right next door.

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north tahoe also has Sugar Bowl and Northstar. you can not count on being able to get to south lake from north shore tahoe. the roads close in a storm. north tahoe is California, South Tahoe is Nevada. part of the reason there is no shuttle. It will take more than 4 days to ski all of Squaw. stay in the north. best  plan.

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I would certainly stay in North Tahoe if you are only there four days. Even with a car, its often difficult to get to South Lake in the winter as the road around Emerald Bay closes in snow/ice conditions. Why waste valuable time to ski with driving out of your way when there are other legendary ski resorts close to Squaw?

You will notice hitch hiking is a perfectly normal mode of transportation around Tahoe. It's mostly locals that pick people up.

Squaw Valley is an amazing ski resort. After skiing there for a few day, if you want to venture out to a new mountain, Sugar Bowl and Alpine Meadows are great, nearby choices. TART runs to a stop at the base of Alpine Meadows road and the mountain has a shuttle van to bring you right to the slopes. Alpine has plenty of in bounds "back-country". If it happens to storm while you are there, Homewood is a smaller hill but protected in storms and the powder doesn't get tracked out quickly. Northstar is also more protected in storm conditions and thus more fun/open in wind/snow storms. There is a Northstar shuttle in the North Tahoe area. 

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Besides, all the "cool" kids ski North Lake. cool.gif

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I'd stay on the North Shore myself. I like the skiing better at Squaw, Alpine, Homewood, Sugar Bowl than any of the South Shore mountains. But thats just me.

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enough said.. North it is.  thanks for the insight and info guys

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