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anything else than fernie???

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hi there, me and my buddy are staying at the moment in fernie but we want to move and wanna see another resort. We´re both very good snowboarders and we´re looking for a resort which has a park (fernie´s park sucks!) and good conditions. Our favourte is atm sunshine village, but i heard that without a car it would be a problem.... so we´ll need a resort which is close to a town. any ideas? ;) thank for answering, cheers

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Your closest interesting areas are Castle Mt. ~1.5 hours east and Whitefish ~2 hours south.  You need a car to get to either from Fernie.  Castle doesn't have much park but it has killer terrain and is not to be missed if you're that close and you're advanced in ability.  Whitefish has a nice balance of terrain and probably a better park than Fernie, but I'm not the right person to make that recommendation.  Kimberley is 1.5 hours west, smaller intermediate area, does have an OK park.

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I'm pretty sure there are buses from Banff to Sunshine Village. If you don't have a car because you can't afford one then i can't see how you could afford to change ski towns at this point in the winter due to the difficulty of finding affordable accomodation.


In western Canada only Whistler is closer to town than Fernie. Red, Revy, and Kicking Horse are all 5 or so minute drive from town, don't know about park riding at those resorts.

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We're having a great year at Whitefish.  The town runs a bus ("Snow Bus") between the resort and the town.  Not sure when you want to come, but I heard there was NOTHING available this week in terms of accommodations.  We're getting snow and the lucky ones have had a number of powder days this week.  My daughter has been instructing, tho, and says I don't want to be up there due to the crowds, but I look at the webcams and the lines don't look so bad today. 


There is a pretty big park area, but we no longer have a super-pipe.  I can't speak to the quality of the park personally, I never go over to that part of the mountain. 


Not sure how you'd get here without a car. 

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Banff sounds like a good option for you; there are 3 resorts here, all with frequent buses running. Each resort has a terrain park, and Mt Norquay (the closest mountain to town) operates a fully-lit terrain park for night skiing. Sunshine Village builds a massive terrain park each season, half of it is open at the moment, the other half won't be far away.  The Lake Louise Ski Area also builds a pretty awesome park, and will be building a skiercross/boardercross track very soon, probably after the xmas holidays.


Check out these pages for more information:

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Whitefish is a great resort for snow. The park certainly isnt the best, but its not bad at all. they usually have great jump lines ranging from 4 to 6 tables in a row. medium sized jumps. i think the biggest is around a 30 footer. Excellent selcetion of rails and boxes too. the park usually doesnt get crowded, because everyones skiing the amazing terrain further up mountain. the best part though, is that the park has its own lift directly beside it. And as for conditions? once you get to around december 15th or so, they are usually excellent until spring break. Can get foggy in the mornings up top, but stay in the trees and you wont have a problem. it rarely gets below minus 13 celcius. Great resort for what youre looking for.

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