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Lange RS 110 SC and Lange RS 120 SC

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So I went to a boot fitter near Killington, VT and was fitted in the Lange RS 120 SC mostly because of my large calf. The lower cuff is supposedly great for guys like me with a huge and low calf. However, I saw online that the RS 110 SC is nearly $100 cheaper and I couldn't help but wonder if I could get away with purchasing that.


Does anyone know the differences between the RS 110 SC and the RS 120 SC? Do they use the same shell, but just different liners? How much difference is there in the liners if they are different? Will I expect to see a noticeable performance/flex decrease?


Also, this sounds kind of superficial, but should I be worried that the RS 110 SC is marketed as a junior/womens race boot?



Not sure if any of this helps, but it never hurts:

I have a wide flat fore foot with a moderately high instep and a large and low calf. I am 5' 6", 155lbs. Aggressive skiier that loves to carve and dig into turns at high speeds.


Other boots I was contemplating were the Nordica Speedmachine 120 and the Tecnica Dragon 120. Anyone have information on those and how it would fit with my foot or comparisons with the Lange RS 120 SC?

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Shell mm may be similar. Liners are different, Rs 110 liner is denser (firmer to foot). Rx liner is slightly softer feel (still performance oriented) but softer feel. Rx has rubber boor board...Rs has stiffer boot board. At our shop we found the RS fitting firmer / closer to foot. Both boots great. You need the boot that fits you the best. That will translate to better skiing days.

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Between the rs 110sc and the 120sc the difference is the Liner and the fez of the shell, the small difference enables the 110 to be marketed as a junior boot, at your weigh and ability the 120 is probably a Better bet
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Thanks for the info. I think I'll probably stick with the rs 120 sc. Any thoughts about comparisons with the Nordica  Speedmachine 120 and/or Tecnica Dragon 120?

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Okay this is getting really hard now. I just got a line on a deal where I can get the Lange RS 110 SC at nearly half the price of the Lange RS 120 SC.


Has anyone tried the Lange RS 110 and could give me an idea of the performance it delivers and the stiffness of the flex? Would it be a better all-day all-mountain boot than the Lange RS 120 without sacrificing much performance? Keep in mind, I'm not using these to race, I'm using these as an all-day all-mountain boot, but I do like to ski aggressively and power into my turns.


If too much performance is truly sacrificed I guess I can't justify the discount. Skiing is no fun if your equipment can't perform the way you want it to, but if it is close enough I may well jump on this deal.



EDIT: It seems as if the only different between the two is the liner. Does anyone who caries the two in their store know the difference between the HP Fit and Pro Fit liners?


I believe the difference between the RS 130 and RS 110 is the HP Fit and Pro Fit liner as well. So if you can compare those 2 liners it would be of great help for me too.

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