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A helmet saved my kid today

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 Just one of those little aspen glades off of a green run that kids love to do- with names like "Enchanted Forest" and "Ruby's Tail"- she's eight and she's been doing them with ski school since she was three. I was following through the ruts and whoop de dos when suddenly she just launched head first into a ten inch aspen- there was a loud THUNK- she hit square on the helmet and collapsed on the snow crying. I got her up, and she was ok- bit her tounge and a goose egg on her forehead. Her Mom looked her over  (she's a doc) and we got hot chockolate and then skied a little more. As it is we're watching her all night for signs of a concussion (whatever they are- as in so many things, the wife's on this one...) but it's unlikely. The helmet has a golf ball sized dent. It's a Smith Allure model and well padded. I was never so grateful for a helmet- I sometimes go without on a powder day when the kids aren't around- most of us did for years- no more. It could have been very bad. Probably saved her life.    


  Otherwise, it was a spectacular BlueBird Christmas day at Park City and everywhere in the Wasatch- warm sun and cold snow. A great day to ski and to be outdoors.



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Glad everyone is OK. At least OK enough it is at a family (even if that includes a doc) "keep an eye on things" level.



Merry Christmas!  And I hope everyone is back on the snow ASAP.





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Thanks. She's looking good. Sledding tomorrow!  Merry Christmas! 

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Glad she is ok.


On another note, you may want to buy her a new helmet since the foam has been compromised from the impact.



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Your post screams of the need for kids--and adults-- to have helmets.  Thank goodness she is safe.  FWIW, my kids (around the same age) also ski with whistles after a tree well scare last year.  Below is a photo of them from the previous day before skiing Mystic Pines at the Canyons (next door to PCMR).  After all that snow, the whole state is one big "Kodak Moment."


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at Squaw, the percentage of kids wearing helmets exceeds all other skier groups. they love them, feels fast, good place for stickers.

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after that scare... im sure it was the best christmas ever......

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Glad your kid is ok. Certainly makes a compelling case for helmets, not to start that argument again or anything ... wink.gif

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Good to hear daughter is well.


agree too that a new helmet is wise.  whistle and cell phone (with ski patrol programmed into it for the trip) are good too basics.  

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Wow. Really glad all seems well. I also have an eight year old, who also likes the trees. (Notice that a lot of ski schools these days like to set up little courses through the woods alongside runs.) He wears a helmet, and the other day he asked, "Dad, why do all the cool kids wear helmets, but a lot of the adults don't?" So maybe we're getting somewhere...

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I wonder if we should teach the smaller kids who like to ski the trees to never look at the tree, look at the space; you will go toward where you are looking. does that hold true for kids? assuming they are not catching an edge or having a near fall that takes them off their line. we could make a game out of it: "did you see any trees on that run?" kinda' thing.

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