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Chair started to roll back today...

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After a sudden stop today the red chair started rolling back. It only rolled back a few feet--but after the first bit of a slide I was already on the edge of jumping. This is the first time in my five years skiing that a chair has started rolling backwards.


Have you ever been on a chair that started to roll back? What would you consider the "jumping point"?


edit: famous chair rollback video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8rXiN_Oys4

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I've been on a chair that felt like it was rolling back, but I don't think I've ever been on one where the bullwheel went backwards. I think depending on how far you are from the counterweight, a big bounce can feel like a rollback. Maybe some physics type can explain how that would work.

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Well, the chair in front, which was in front of the tower before the stop, ended up sliding behind the tower. The cable was moving. And the dude beside me said a minute later, "wow, did we just roll back?" 

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Yea, happens a few times a season. Probably something to do with the tension decreasing.


My jump off point is if it starts accelerating.

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My jump off point would have a little more to do with the height of the chair and the firmness of the snow.  That is, if I'm thinking rationally at that point and not packing my underwear.

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I am more scared of a halfway pressured grip when near the top on an emergency stop. Or trees http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-tree-topples-onto-ski-chair-li-121910,0,4984359.story or wind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouE-ywvGup8&feature=related

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About a dozen years ago at Big Sky vicious winds were making the lift ride up Andesite Mtn. a stop and go trip.  After a long stop 3/4s or so of the way up a patroller skied under the chairs and told us all we be riding the lift backwards to be unloaded at the base area.  No worries he said, it'd all work out for the best.  Not a fun time or experience, but we made it safely to the loading area (getting out of a chair moving backwards presented its own problems) where we were given a voucher for a free hot beverage (non-alcoholic of course).  Wouldn't care to do it again.

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Saw this a while ago.  Freaked me out.



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I've not been on a chair that rolled back.  Been on a few that bounced more than 10 feet - that always involves some pucker / clenching.  We did, however, as kids like to drop off a certain midwest chairlift to get to some otherwise inaccesible midwest gnarly lines... oh we were badasses for sure...ski.gif

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after a lengthy thread on this topic when an old poorly maintenanced lift rolled back, when I ride our old fixed chair lifts, which are very well maintained, I listen to the bullwheel sounds  and can hear those pins or keys drop into place in the cogs as the lift stops, a loud click, click, click.

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