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Timberline in West Virginia

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I want to go to Timberline in WV on Dec 29th.  Does anyone know what the conditions are like now? Where is a good place to eat and have an apres skiing drink? For food my idea is not fancy, just some skiing food that has good drinks and I could wear jeans.


Also what are some of the good runs or must dos.



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As you may know, the mid-Atlantic has had a terrific string of cold early season temps - great for snowmaking.  And there has also been some decent natural snowfall.  T-line should be in good shape for your date.  Here's a write up that might answer some of your questions about runs and a tip on a good place to eat.



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HI Pandita Timberline is very good right now. You making a day trip? Timbers Pub at the resort is a good place to eat and has fun Apres. I'll be there, if the moons line up, tomorrow thru the 2nd.

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