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Need some help with skis

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I am 14 years old 5' 4 and 115 lbs. I am currently on Rossy Viper x1 skis which are for beginners on groomed runs. They are 140cm in length and I think 62 in width. I ski at Alta so we get some soft snow. I have noticed I can ski groomers without even consentrating at all. They are good skis for groomers but they get a little wobbly at speed. I can carve them and pass or keep up with almost everyone on the blue groomers. I am not as fast on the steep icy black groomers. I have sort of learned to ski powder with them and can ski pure, untracked powder pretty nicely but when I get into the choppy powder or crud it gets ugly, especially when it is steep. I went on to some avalanche debri (a garden of icy snow balls) and it was like skiing on rocks.




  I am thinkin these skis aren't going to work anymore. I demoed some Rossignol S90 womens skis that were 150. (90 width) and at first I wasn't as good on them because they felt heavy compared to my skis but by the end of the day it felt like my skiing was better through bumpy choppy and powder. It actually felt like I was still getting used to them.


I just need some advice on some new skis. Which ones? I want some in the 150-158 range in length and 90-110 in width. The thing is, I have a budget of about $450 for skis and bindings.  So please don't reccomend skis like the Rossignol S7s. I live close to the local levelnine shop and a ski n see and I would prefer not to order online. They had some 08 Icelantic Pilgrim skis for 250 dollars but they were already drilled and I could see if some bindings would work without conflicting with the holes. So what do you think? Which skis fit my budget and specs?



Thanks Merry Christmas

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I looked at some 155 cm Line EP pro shorty that are 107 in width. I liked them. Should I get them?

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Isnt this a better question for the guys in the shop, since you are committed to buying from them?

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The people in the shop just say, you want them to your nose when upright. Prolly cuz they see I am a kid and just blow it off.

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What skis have you demoed?

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Rossignol S90 womens skis. 150 inm length, 90mm width.

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buying new skis of a year model a few seasons back would fit your budget. Level nine carries a lot of Dynastar. might look at some of those, or anything in the mid 80s low 90s offered a couple years ago. good luck. length to your nose is not a bad recommendation. or forehead.


at your age, you will benefit from working out a little. testosterone is flowing and will aid in muscle growth.

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