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I intend to buy new skis and am hoping for some suggestions. I'm 58 yo, 5'6", 155, in shape, intermediate/advanced (I can ski double blacks, but it's not always pretty).  I've been skiing about 20 years, but until recently I skiied only 5 - 7 days/year.  I'm now living in the Bay Area and have doubled my days on the slopes and hope to increase that even more.  I equally enjoy cruising and more aggressive skiing.  I ski as much powder as I can find, but also spend a lot of time on groomers.  And of course since I'm skiing Tahoe, I find myself in a lot of crud.


I'm currently skiing OLD "straight" K2s.  Obviously these are far from a one quiver ski and they suck for powder and bumps.  So I started looking at new skis and was quickly overwhelmed.  I recently demoed Elan Spires, Prophet Line 100s, Blizzard Atlas and Dynastar Sultan 94 in mixed conditions ranging from fresh powder to crud to groomed.  Unfortunately, they had very few in shorter lengths (which I assume would be more appropriate for my height and weight), so most of these were in the 172 - 175 range.  Of these 4, I enjoyed the Blizzards the most, but found them a little harder to work through the bumps.  Based on what I'd read, I really thought the Prophets would be the ski, but found them slow edge to edge on the groomers (I tried the 172).  Surprisingly, the Elans - which so many others love - I found to lack energy on the packed stuff.


I'd appreciate thoughts on these and other options, including what length you think most appropriate.