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Question on (New) Vintage Marker M37

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Ok, they aren't THAT vintage.


Anyway, I purchased M37s on Atomic MegaCarvX424s in about year 2000, then due to intervening medical problems did not use them (or ski at all).


I am feeling better now and just dragged them out of storage.  The bindings were fitted to new Nordica Syntechs which I have in front of me also.


Lost or never received  the manual for the bindings. My question is:  What is the lever on the front of the front binding used for?  It is a right-left adjustment with notches at each end of adjustment.  Has me stumped just looking at it.  I don't recall any similar lever on other bindings.


Also, anyone remember the skis?  I recall they were rated highly back when shaped skis were still a novelty to many.  Just looking at them, they don't appear to have a sidecut as extreme or as wide as newer skis, but maybe a less radical ski like this will be a good choice for me since it will be my first shaped ski.  I was an intermediate back in the day on straight skis, but this included some fairly steep terrain at Whistler/Blackcomb and other NW resorts.  Could never ski moguls at all, though.

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It sounds like a Marker SC "Selective Control" with the 3 postitions I, II , III , these were settings for soft, regular and hard snow that really didn't do anything. 

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Well, it did do something!  It made the ski vibrate "some", "alot", and "uncontrollably"  as the mechanism was basically a male end and a female end that acted like a spring.  The least worst position to keep it in is "III" so just put it there and forget about it.


We did a binding test back in that day when I worked for a ski company where I took six pair of identical skis, prepped the same, with various top of the line bindings from the top manufacturers mounted on them.  So the only variable was the binding.  We tested these skis in a GS race course and found some amazing differences in how the bindings affected the ski performance and characteristics.  Suffice it to say the M1SC stood out as the absolute worst one of the bunch.  I actually pulled out of the course half way down to check the tune on the skis because I thought they were dull.  The binding was causing the ski to vibrate so badly that edge hold was very poor.

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