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Suggestions of a ski trip

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Good evening I need some suggestions of a good worthwhile ski trip


i will be flying from Ontario to ski in BC sometime in Feb, will have a total of 6 to 8 days of time off


I like to ski perhaps 2 ski resorts.


Kicking Horse and Revelstoke.


I ski Revelstoke last year and thought it was amazing, however i seen the Kicking Horse and looks like sometihngn eat but like to try it out as well, but i really like to go back to Revelstoke as well


what do u suggest?


I was thinking of this of flying into Calgary and driving to Golden BC and ski there for 1 or 2 days then drive to Revelstoke and do 2 or 3 more days of skiing there and then drive all way back to Calgary to fly home



What are all your suggestions?


or should i just stay at one resort the whole time and focus my whole time there.


all suggestions are welcome, this is for intermediate skier

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If you're flying into Calgary, then you have to go to Banff.  Ski either Lake Louise or Sunshine.  I recommend Sunshine.


Other choices - Panorama and Fernie.

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What is so good about Sunshine to ski? how long are the runs there? is the area worth the  time to check out? how would it compare to Revelstoke? cheers

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