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VOLKL BRIDGE 2011, 179cm forward 1 cm

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I will just write a quick blurb then fill in later with details.


Me 5' 10" 195# athletic


This ski rocks!!! super stable, carved great at any speed. Soft snow it came alive. It makes chopped up and nasty snow all feel like good snow. Icy bumps were a chore not sure if it was me or the ski but after the sun warmed things up they really came alive in bumps. They are truly a do it all tool!

First impression was they are too stiff for a "fun" ski especially in bumps but I sorta figured out how they wanted to be ridden and thats with a whole lot of whoop ass!! And they aren't super stiff, just more than your average twin. After a few runs that feeling of too stiff was gone and I hammered it.

I was truly impressed by the hard snow performance, carves extremely well. 179 proved to be the perfect length for me. Perhaps if I didn't love bumps then the 187 would be great too but I didn't feel I needed any more length.

Terrain park jumps were better than I have ever been.

I really can't say there is a negative to this ski. Of course it isn't a race ski and it's not a superfatty, it's not a mogul ski. What it is is a super fun do everything ski that makes you smile everywhere on the mountain.

I skied it back to back with my Big Troubles and I was depressed because this was a ski I loved. Bridge killed it in every way. Now I have to drop 600.00!!


Like I said more later.

Merry Christmas!!

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This is the latest Bridge with tip rocker right?  I test drove last years version and found it capable for sure but sort of a non-damp upsetting kind of ride.  Very different from that year's Mantra.  Curious to try the new Bridge.

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yes the are the new 2011 rockered version. My first rockered ski and I loved it. Volkl nailed it!

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I have last year's Bridge, and it's my favorite ski in the quiver.  It has just enough float in boot-top or so, and carves like crazy!  Lots of springy energy in these boards.  I also have the Mantra -- these skis don't even operate in the same universe.  Totally different.  The Mantra is damp - almost dead to an extent, and has very little energy to give back.  The Bridge is highly lively and gives back and then some - pop! 


The main difference - metal, IMO.  I am coming to the conclusion that I like skis without metal.  They're just more fun,less damp, and are a ball to "play on". 


I'd love to check out this year's Bridge, but right now,I'm leaning toward the Rossi S3.

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I agree for the most part I'm a non-metal guy. There are some skis with metal I love but overall I like without much better.

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One more thing. I keep reading skis will ski shorter due to rocker. This is and isn't true to Volkl's design. Let me explain:They will ski short in terms of getting the ski on edge and making shorter turns easily. But when it is laid on edge he entire edge is on snow giving it a tone of stability on firm snow.

179 was plenty for me at 195 pounds 5'11" 

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