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Taos lodging suggestions?

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We just got back from Wolf Creek and have decided to go to Taos over Spring Break.  Any suggestions on lodging for a family of four would be helpful.  I've spent about two hours online without much luck.  Any suggestions would be helpful.






PS.  I need to hold the cost down on this one.

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Stay in Taos rather than the Ski valley - there's much more choice plus a range of restaurants etc to choose from. (About 30 mins from Ski Valley)


My friend always stays at the Sun God when she comes to town, as does my cousin - it's (relatively) cheap and they find it quite adequate - despite mixed tripadvisor reviews.  There are a few basic motels in town - Quality Inn, el pueblo, Days Inn, Indian hills etc.  You could also try one of the B&B's - Casa Benavides is supposed to be good and San Geronimo is nice if a bit out of the way - 2 miles from town center - don't know the prices there though.


Otherwise did you try Taos Vacation Rentals - they let Condo's etc.

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Thanks for the specific suggestions.  I had not looked at "The Sun god".  I'll also explore Taos Vacation Rentals.


thanks again.



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Two suggestions:

1. Lorelei Lodge, owned and operated by my good friend Peter Donahue, who is also a long-time top instructor, head of the Taos chldren's ski school, PSIA-Rocky Mountain examiner, and member of the PSIA Board of Directors. He's an instructor's instructor, and a super guy to boot.

2. St. Bernard Hotel. Right at the base of the lifts, on the mountain, the St. Bernard is the original, classic, European-style lodge, owned and operated by the inimitable Jean Mayer and his loyal and dedicated staff. "More European than Europe," is how Warren Miller once described the St. Bernard. The food is unsurpassed, and the atmosphere is unlike almost anything else you'll find, at least in the United States. Jean is one of the founders of Taos, and remains the technical director of the Ski School, and a legend and mentor to many instructors across the country.

You won't go wrong at either place. Have a great time in Taos!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Have you considered contacting a travel professional for assistance with your vacation needs?  Simply give your travel agent your desired itinerary and budget, and they will do all the tedious searching.  An agent’s involvement in your travel plans simplifies the process, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy your free time instead of spending hours on the computer searching for lodging.   


We hope that you and your family have a wonderful vacation in Taos.

Very truly yours,


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Bob, FYI, Jean tore (but not ruptured) his achilles on opening day not to mention crashing without a helmet.  But when has he ever worn a helmet?  They took him off the mountain down to Holy Cross with a concussion.  Lot's of excitment.   Saw him New Years Eve.  He was off crutches looking a little pained.  He was not serving but as always, the food and atmosphere were suberb.  No skiing (supposedly) for the season.  Alain Veth has taken over this year (only) as Technical Director.  And as you probably know, Alain never even wears a hat!!!   We now have to call him sir...

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Sad to hear the news about Jean Mayer.Let's hope he recovers soon!

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The Amizette B&B is a friend's favorite. Small, not expensive; good food; in the ski valley (although not on slope). If you want really inexpensive, the Best Western has clean rooms, is on the north side of town (just at the turn off for taos pueblo)to avoid town traffic to the slopes. Another favorite is the Sagebrush Inn. They have some casita/rooms in back with a view of the mountains and the bar is an amazing old west throwback that attracts some of the best western swing dancers around. (even if you don't stay there, check out the bar if they have a live band) El Monte Sagrado is overwroght in its decor and not cheap but they have very charming themed casitas with a pull out couch in an alcove that can make it a good bet for a family. And the most amazing indoor pool your kids will absolutely love.
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Wife and I stayed at St. Bernard years ago and it was above excellent for abience, food, convenience etc.   I booked a year in advance so for this Spring you are probably out of luck unless there has been a cancellation, worth a phone call though.

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I agree about the St Bernard. Give them a call if you can't find info on the website. They like to book people for a whole week but if they don't fill a week they'll have partial weeks or individual days available. Also snow can be iffy. Might want to discuss that w/them too given the time you are looking at going. Food is wonderful. 

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My best wishes too to Jean for a speedy recovery. A lovely man and a wonderful host.

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Posted this a couple years ago in the Skiing your age thread. (Originally Posted by Tog View Post)

Jean and Dadou Mayer skiing in Taos. 1964 and I think 2008.




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There is a nice multi level condo at the base village...well worth it...couple nice restaurants at the mountain and you get frist tracks, eat lunch in your condo if you want to save $$ and take a nap!

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