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Jackson Hole Lodging - 2011

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I know there are HUNDREDS of threads about Jackson Hole, but lots of the posts are like 5+ years old. Has anything changed? It seems like some of the best deals are the places that include lift tickets. So far it seems like the Snowking, the Town Square Inns (Antler Inn/Cowboy Village/49er Inn) are some of the best values. 


I wanted to stay slopeside, but many are already booked, and are way pricier than in town. Is it pretty easy to get around? My goal is to not rent a car. 


I'm going at the beginning of February. Does anyone have any good lodging reports from recent history, or have you scored any good deals lately?

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Nevermind. Just booked a studio condo slopeside with Jackson Hole Resort Lodging. Jackson Hole Central Reservations hooked me up with a pretty decent package. Not cheap, but not much more than Snow King or the others, so I feel it's about as good as I'm gonna find. Can't wait! This will be my first trip to JH. :D

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You're going to have a blast!  Look up Bob, Stephan, and myself while you are here.

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Awesome! Will do. I'm going to want lessons for sure anyway. Is the Stephan you're referring to the one and the same who works at JH Sports? Some of the guys on TGR suggest I go pay him a visit to get by boots tweaked to perfection.

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He is, he does my boot work, and yes that would be a very good idea!

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