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Mt Bohemia???

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I have heard many wonderful things about this resort in the last 3 years. I live near Pontiac Michigan and ski regularly at alpine valley, around here i am mostly a park kinda guy, because there is really nothing else to do. I have been out west and I would say that the most difficult runs i have ever done are the lake chutes in Breck. I would consider myself an advanced skiier. I was just wondering if it is worth driving the 10 hours to get up there. I really dont have the funds to go out west, and I have heard from many people that this resort is the only somewhat western experiance in the midwest, so is it worth the hike or not? If i can handle the double blacks out west will i be okay there? Also would my K2 disorderlys do aright in pow? they have an 85 mm width 111 mm tips and tails and are 159 center mounts, i know these wouldnt be ideal powder skis, but would they be able to hold there own in knee deep?

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From the locals I ski with Bohemia is an ungroomed, tree skiing powder haven when the conditions are good.  If you want to do some off piste skiing in the Midwest, this is your place.  If you have the time and money, I would ski a day or two at Bohemia, head down south to Indianhead, Porkies, Powderhorn etc. for a day and then drive even further south to Wausau, Wi and check out Granite Peak where I ski.  Great, great, great park skiing.  If you have some good carving skis, bring them.  There are a number of steep, but short runs served by a chair that you can get on half way.  Night skiing is two for $30.00 and if you like to party, Wisconsin will be easy on your wallet and you will have a few good stories to tell when you get home.  Take the southern route on your way home.  3 hours to Milwaukee, another 90 min to the outskirts of Shy Town.  Yes, a lot of driving, but you will hit the three best areas in the Midwest. 

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I have also heard some really good things about the skiing at granite but i think that would just be to much of a round trip for me, thanks for the insight, hopefully in the next couple years i will be able to make it up to Bohemia.

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Can't go wrong heading to Mt. Bohemia.


Get a hotel in Houghton which is about 25 mins or so from the hill. There you have much more choices of lodging, food, and entertainment. I advice staying like 3 or 4 nights. Since you have two days wasted with travel. You can ski two full days there and not be bored. Hit Subway each morning as the hill has really nothing for food besides snack food.



Skiing is excellent there. Your skis will be fine don't worry about it.

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Is Mt. Bohemia worth the drive if you're the kinda guy that enjoys the Lake Chutes?  Absolutely!  Ya know...... if you're also the kinda guy that doesn't mind driving.


Things to keep in mind:  Boho is much much much smaller that Breck or pretty much anything else out west.  The terrain is serious but if you're there for a long day you'll be skiing some of the runs multiple times.  Also, they don't make snow there so when they say 'early season conditions' (which is what they're saying right not) it means those tree runs could be pretty darn boney.


I was considering a trip up there in the next couple of days and I decided it would be better to wait until they have better conditions.


As far as your K2s, I can't offer any specific advice except to say that in general, I believe it is the Indian and not the arrow.


If you're looking for bars and restaurants then the Houghton advice is solid.  They do have some pretty cool options right on the hill though.  If you have a couple of friends you can rent a cozy cabin.  If you're alone or with a broke bud they have a hostel where you can get a bed for cheap.  There are also outdoor camping sites if you're into that and if you're there with a larger group they have yurts that you can book.  All of those options are in bounds, ski in/ski out.


Have fun and take lots of pics.  Maybe post up a little trip report!

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