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Seve n Springs Alta 6 12/22

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Met up with our own Alta 6 at Seven Springs Wednesday. If anybody can ski faster, harder, better longer than this guy can , well your a skiing superman. Hey Alta, we went to the front after John returned some calls and skied till about 1 PM then headed home to let the dogs out.


Getting back to Alta , I'm blown away with a 9AM to 8 PM marathon and 75 or so runs down a 750 vert hill (its  a hgh speed lift ) to get your apprx 60,000 verts in. I went back today again and I think you still skied more than me in two days.


Conditions at Seven Springs are really good maybe even superb. Today I think they will get 4 or more inches. The report said two was expected during the day but I had at least that or more when I left at 1 PM today. No waiting at the lifts again. This will probably change after Christmas. I noticed today that they weren't running the Cortina Lift. My buddy down at Tyrol said they won't run it till tonight. Another bottom line Bob Nutting measure it looks like.


So here in SW Pa. you have to ski it alot when it's good because unfortunately the great winter weather streak we're on is due to change down the road. I hope not , but 31 years here and it seems like its inevitable. This season really reminds me of some of the great seasons I enjoyed here back in the early 80"s. I think YTD Seven Springs has received 50 inches of natural (about 50% of their historical average). The great snow making has made a bare spot very difficult to find and even the natural snow areas are pretty good.


Here's hoping winter keeps on keeping on here in the banana belt.

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Way to strike while the iron is cold.smile.gif


Alta6 was nice enough to show me around Copper Mtn one snowy afternoon in 2009.  Very strong skier.  Such a fast mover I couldn't get a decent photo of him.  Seven Springs must be his secret training ground so he's ready to kill it when he goes West.


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