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Where to stay in Utah??

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Friends are putting together a trip to Utah, they want to stay in Park City and travel to a different ski area each day, but not ski PC, DV, or Canyons. Personally I don't want to ski those area's either, I am really only interested in skiing Alta and Snowbird. I know they play on skiing Snowbird one day, and doing a Heli trip out of Snowbird another day. There are 3 snowboarders so they are not interested in Alta. Should I plan my own trip or just deviate from their plans and concentrate on Snowbird, Alta, Heli, Snowbird, Alta??? Sounds like 5 perfect days of skiing to me, plus I might as well just stay in Snowbird, rather then traveling everyday from PC? Let me know you think......

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Driving time from Salt Lake to Alta/Snowbird (depending on where in the valley you stay) approx 20-30 minutes. 


Driving time from Park City to Alta/Snowbird (depending on how close you are to I-80) approximately 50-65 minutes (and more prone to delays due to inclment weather over Parley's Summit).  That is too far for my taste if you are doing it every day of your vacation.  Park City is close or convenient to Deer Valley, Park City, The Canyons and Sundance.  Otherwise, you are closer in downtown SLC or even the airport.


Approximate walking time from your accomodations at Snowbird to the lift (a couple of minutes).


By the way, I think Wasatch Powderbirds (heliski) will pick you up in Park City.

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The first year I stayed on the mountain at Alta and I would't do that again.  We were bored at night without a car to drive around.  The next time we stayed in Park City and skied Solitude, Alta and Snowbasin.  I would stay in Park City again, but I would spend more time at Snowbasin.

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It doesn't make much sense to stay in PC and ski solely in LCC.  The only thing you are getting out of it is a chance to stroll around PC in the evening and a choice of ski resort town restaurants.  Also, it can take quite a bit more than 60 minutes to get back to PC at the end of a day.  There are often lines and backups getting out of the Alta-Snowbird parking lots and traffic could be at a crawl in bad weather coming down the canyon.  Staying in Midvale/Sandy/SaltLake makes more sense if you are a Cottonwood Canyon skier, and will be cheaper than PC, but then you loose the feeling of staying in a ski resort town.  There is good terrain for all skiers at all 3 PC resorts and it would be a consideration to ski half your days there, depending on conditions.   


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Our travel agency advised us to stay somewhere in SLC. From there we could easy reach the resorts PC, DV and the canyons and both canyons (LCC and BCC). Despite there advise we opted for PC and never regreted that. We do this 'every' year (this year will be our 3rd visit). The advantage is that if the weather is really bad we still cab go skiing in the local resorts.

The drive to LCC-BCC is a bit longer but if you leave early you won´t have much trouble finding good parking space. I don´t care for a (bit) longer drive back. Not really a cue. Juts often slower drivers than I am...

PC is nice to walk around, do some shopping and nice restaurants.

If I where you I would go one day to Alta. `ditch´ the group that day. Maybe you can meet some bears. Alta is a `must been´. I like the ´vibe´/feeling of it.

Solitude (Honeycomb) is also worth a visit.

Also don't underestimate PC. McConckey bowl is nice. I can play there for hours. DV is a bit a secret for powder. Most folks there use the groomers :-)

Please keep us updated on what you did and how you liked it!

Have fun!


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To me that's the conundrum of Utah. If you stay in Park City you'll feel like you're on a ski vacation. If you stay in SLC you'll feel like you're in a city or, if you stay out in the Sandy/Midvale area near the entrances to LCC and BCC you'll feel like you're staying in the burbs. And if you stay at Alta or Snowbird or Solitude you'll be pretty isolated. The drive to Alta/Snowbird really isn't that bad and the skiing in the PC area is really very good (though not the best UT has to offer, IMO). I might compromise. Stay in PC, ski a bit at the PC areas and drive over to LCC a day or two. I've stayed in SLC and just don't really feel like I'm on a ski vacation.

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I've done both Sandy and Park City (actually the condos by the interstate ten minutes away -- the area has a name, but I've forgotten it).  Both make sense, depending on what kind of trip you are on.


For a family ski trip, maybe with another family, lots of evening socializing, some non-skiing or non-serious skiing participants, etc, etc I would go with PC.    Actually, I'd go even further than I didand stay downtown PC within walking distance of the town lift.


For a no nonsense trip, just me and two teenage boys who are serious skiers / boarders and too young to go to bars, staying at a cheap motel in Sandy near the mouth of the LCC / BCC canyons was a great choice.  We did drive over to PC for dinner with other bears, and it is not that far.  We even skied Park City one day to meet up and ski with the group (dirk and others).  But most of our days were roll out of bed and head up one of the two canyons.


(By the way, Jupiter Bowl at PC was excellent!  I would say it was as much fun as anything else we skied that week.)


One other note - I like to make first chair or very close to it, but I am definitely morning-challenged.  That puts a premium on a short morning commute.  (I'd rather drive further for dinner instead.)  I will get up in the middle of the night to go skiing, but I won't like it.  If you are a morning person, the tradeoffs may be different for you.

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You might want to check out the Snowbird lodging.  The Lodge at Snowbird is quaint, and usually has nice enough people.  The Cliff is a nice (if Ugly) faciliaty and has plenty of options for a 4 or 5 night stay.  Booking through Snowbird direct is probably cheaper than you thought.   If you insist on exploring around town, you can even get covered parking.  You car will be clean now matter how much it snows.


Plus, if you get lucky, you might get a great day, and have the road closed to everyone else but you.... roflmao.gif


Staying in SLC is a great option if you were planning on doing Snowbasin or one of the other resorts.  Like Devotee said, it is probably a mistake to stay in PC if you are not going to ski there.


Good Luck!

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