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Wolf Creek Report-23 December

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Just got back from the family trip after skiing three days in Wolf Creek.  The snow was amazing since it snowed five feet over the three days we were there.  That being said I was kind of suprised at the operational side of WC.  Almost every aspect from rentals, ski school, purchasing lift tickets or food and drink was pretty outdated.  They could certainly speed up many aspect of their operations by embracing some type of automation.   


The staff was overly friendly and the town of Pagosa Springs was just the right size for us.  Great dining and lodging options abound.



1) great snow

2) friendly staff

3) good support community



1) slow operations getting people on the mountain

2) You better ask if the pass is going to be closed as they do avalanche control or you may wind up sitting on the side of the road for awhile.


Would I go back?  Sure!  I'm just going to let the kids get a bit bigger.



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That's why we LOVE Wolf Creek - it's very low key but very friendly.  And where else could you ski in such a great place at THAT price?!

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Next time stay in SouthFork - it's the same side of the Pass as Wolf Creek - but a lot smaller town that Pagosa.

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Staying in Pagosa runs the risk to get back if the pass closes.  I've had the occasion wherein this happened and had top drive almost back to Santa Fe to get back to the condo ... bummer.  I've been to Wolf Creek many times and it still remains one of my fav locations ... minimal crowds, good prices and down-home customer service.

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We have friends with a house in Pagosa so I've been there 4 times in the past three years. It's certainly fun, especially if it's snowing, but a word of caution about dates:  Last year because of too much snow (In Philadelphia, which closed the airport for three days) we had to reschedule our trip from Feb to March and learned a lesson. Do NOT try a small area like Wolf Creek during Texas spring break (this year, March 7-18, especially 14-18).  Lines at all the lifts except Alberta, which serves only  mogulled steeps and glades were enormous. Same goes for places like Angel Fire. Taos wasn't affected much.


Pagosa has lots of fun places to eat. Best is Alley House. Look for the bison short rib with deep-fried spinach. 

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In addition to the Alley House a really good inexpensive place was the "Elkhorn Cafe".  It was delicious.

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