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Good ski for slalom-y coaching certification?

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Hey folks, 


About me: CSIA level 2, skiing around a low 8.


I'm taking the level 1 CSCF (Canadian ski coaching federation) course next week. The "welcome" mass mailing advised: 



I strongly suggest that you use a ski tha t you are confident to do short turns on, such as a slalom ski. A twin tip or center mounted ski is not recommended for this course.


My current two ski quiver includes some sloppy old x-wing 10s, which I can easily bend to any turn shape, but can't ski at speed anymore (the foam's noodled out). I also have some Head peak 82s, which I can ski at quite high speeds in long and medium radius turns, but I'm finding short radius turns a bit belaboured on these skis. The turning radius is ~19m on these. They're all mountain-y, rather than hardpack skis.


Any recommendations on a nice ski for this course? Supershapes would be my first choice to try, but they simply aren't available in Whistler. (Some kind of supply problem in north america.) Any alternatives?

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A SL race ski would be ideal.  Not a FIS rated ski, but a rec racer like the Atomic D2 Race SL, Rossi Radical 9SL, Fischer RC4 SuperRace SC. 


A high performance groomer ski (e.g. Atomic's D2 VF 70 in a shorter length) would be another option.


Basically, you'll be expected to show good ski performance with clean arcs at speed, and the target environment will be hard snow with a decent pitch. That should give you an idea of the kind of ski you want.  Some of the things you'll be working on will be directed towards developing quickness and agility, so you probably don't want a wide waisted ski. 


Whatever you decide on, get at least a full day on them before the course so you are comfortable with the skis.  And finally, be sure you have them tuned & waxed before you start the course.

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They recommend a SL race ski for a reason.  IF you don't want to spend the money on a new rig, go onto the Vancouver & Whistler Kijiji sites and you should be able to find a pair easily at a good price that are in excellent shape (racers tend to take good care of their equipment).


I wouldn't fret too much about the brand or model, as everything is pretty good these days.  Just make sure the tune is good and you'll be fine for the course.


Personally I prefer the FIS slaloms for general skiing rather than the retail version.  They aren't any more difficult to ski on, and they're more versatile (slightly bigger turn radius, about 13m, and more stable at speed).


Edit:  Wow, I just looked at the Whistler and Vancouver Kijiji sites, and there's sweet f.a. in the way of race gear.  What gives???  There's lots of it in Calgary.  This ski LINK would be ideal for you.  Maybe the guy will ship.

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Hi folks, 


Thanks for the ideas. I've picked up a pair of Dynastar Contact Cross TI skis in 172 length. Waist is 72mm, turning radius of 15M. They play amazingly well on the groomers--tons of edge grip and I can let them run in long radius turns. They also tip quickly into nice short radius turns too. 


These skis were the narrowest advanced/expert ski I could find for under $650 in Whistler (binding included). Loads of fun, and suitable for teaching as well as freeskiing anywhere on the mountain.

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Two level III instructors on my home mountain ski these ^^^^. One said they're perfect for teaching, can do just about any turn shape on them. 

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