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I am looking to pick up a new pair of skiis  this year.  Here is a little backround on me:


I currently ski Dynastar Intuitiv's 178's.  I have been skiing them for about 5 years and I can't say Im a big fan.  I have been skiing for about 15 years.  I ski two weeks out of the year in Colorado or Utah.  I would say I am an all mountain skier, but I like to spend most of my days in the trees.  If I had to say how much Id say I am 80% trees and backcountry and 20% groomers.  I would rate myself as an intermediate skier who doesn't ski enough to call himself an advanced skier. 


I want a ski that has good control and can handle fast turns in the trees and does reasonable well in deep powder.  I really only ski groomers to warm up or on my home for the day...Or if my girlfriend makes me. 


I was looking at the Volkl Mantras or K2 Aftershocks but I am really not very knowledgeable on ski's.


Any suggestions or input I could get would be a big help!?