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Alta breaks snowfall record

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Alta reports a base of 114 inches today, while in their snowfall history the record maximum for Snow on the Ground in December is 112 inches.  Records are meant to be broke I guess.  Records are falling all over this December and winter has just got started.

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water content in the Sierra snowpack is 197% of the annual normal on April 1.  Pretty amazing.

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Alta basically broke their own record.


Mammoth Mt Calif claims they broke the worlds record for

any ski area snowfall before Christmas. (can't verify it either)

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Seems hard to believe.  There have to be some Southern Hemisphere ski areas who would have the benefit of a full season before Christmas!!!

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Mammoth no doubt leads the world in pre-Christmas snowfall THIS year.  Currently at 247.5 inches per official patrol numbers.  Alta is not far behind at 235. 


Going to past seasons the usual suspects have some bigger numbers.

Mt. Baker Nov/Dec 1998 had 394 inches

Alta Nov/Dec 1983 had 391 inches

Kirkwood Nov/Dec 1983 had 382 inches

Alyeska Nov/Dec 1994 had 333.5 inches

Jackson Nov/Dec 1996 had 297 inches

Targhee Nov/Dec 1996 had 285 inches

Whistler Nov/Dec 2009 had 278 inches

Winter Park Nov/Dec 1983 had 258 inches


Overall this is a very impressive western early season.  Comparable to 1983-84 and 1996-97 so far.

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Mammoth per patrol records is now at 286. Mammoth measures at 9,000 feet which is mid-mountain for them.


The Northstar (279) and Squaw quotes (280) are at upper elevations.  For an apples-to-apples comparison you should average with the lower mountain totals of 165 and 156 respectively, yielding 222 for Northstar and 218 for Squaw.  Base depths at Mammoth are almost double those at Northstar.


FYI  Niseko, Japan had 425 inches in Nov/Dec 2002!

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Not to dispute your claim, but the upper mountain snow-stake at Northstar is only at an 8500' elevation.


So your apples to apples comparison is hardly relevant from an elevation stand point. If anything Mammoth has a 500' advantage. 

Now if Mammoth measured upper mountain totals, you may have a valid argument. Too bad they don't!

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