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A solution to boots

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Dear all,


i am having problem with my ski boots for many years now. I started skiing 2002 and in 2006 i had a ligament injury which leaded to a surgery that left me out of the pists for 2 years. One of the causes of the injury has been the boots to large... Anyway since the first day of skiing i have always have problems with my comfort with the boots.

I have bought different some are salomon boots elipse 7, Promodel recently, but unfourtunatlly i have never felt good on them.

I think i have a large forefoot 102-103mm, and i high arch while my foot is 41 eu size (7 1/2 - 8 US).

Weight: 75kg

Height: 173cm


Where i live i do not have any large variaty of boots so that leaded me to order in the internet and then someone would bring it to me here. Of course their is not boot fitter in my region either. 


1. Can someone help me on advising any solution what should i look for? 

2. Any boot that would sound more reasonable for me keeping in mind the specs of my body?


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hi, and welcome to epicski,


what you don't tell us is where you are? there may be a good fitter closer than you think, there is also a wiki at the top of the forum which will help with selecting boot sizes etc

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I live in Kosovo, Ex-Yugoslavia. Near Macedonia, Serbia Albania Bulgaria.


As far as i know i do not know any bootfitter in the region but any help would be appriciated.


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some of the 102mm wide boots should be a good starting point, and just about every company makes one.   They will all fit a bit different, and that is where a bootfitter can help you out (plus making changes to the best fitting one)


salomon mission

lange blaster

noridca sportmachine.  


etc, etc, etc

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I just found a new pair of Dalibello Axion 8 it was 103mm wide. 

Most of all the previous pressure points where resolved such as the arch, wideness of  the forefoot, etc. However for some reason when i lean on the tounge of the bootmy front part of my calf was hurting.


What you recommend me to buy the boot and if i travel to another country i can get them fixed by a boot fitter?




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I would reccomend that not only do you go see the boot fitter, but buy bots from them too.     The boots will all fit a bit different, and that is where a bootfitter can help you out (plus making changes to the best fitting one)

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