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I just bought a pair of Rossignol Phantom SC74 skis with integrated Axium 100 bindings.

My boots are some old Nordica N9.2 with 300mm soles.


The ski bindings are mounted on a plate integrated on the skis. On the plate there are markings for various boot sizes.

For the toe piece there is one seting for 289mm to 301mm and another that starts at 302 mm.


The problem is thet for the heel piece there is no 300 mm setting.


When the toe piece is set to the 289-301mm setting, the heel piece settings stop at 299mm. The heel piece moves by 3mm at a time, from what I can tell.


The ski shop has adjusted them to the 299 mm setting but I am having a hard time putting the boots in the binding. Since the boots are 300mm not 299mm, I have to somewhat force the boot into the heel piece for it to go in. I skied one day and now I have some markings on the boot from where it is rubbing against the heel piece. I am afraid that in time I will brake something in the binding.


I could leave the toe piece in the 289-301 mm setting and move the heel piece back "beyond" the toe setting range, which would set it around 302 mm. If I do this then it is easy to put the boot in, and also I do not see any gap between the boot and the binding heel piece. The only issue I have is with the forward pressure indicating window.


There is a window on the heel piece which has a mark that moves towards the center of the window when the boot is in. When the binding is set to 299mm the mark is slightly ahead of the center of the window. When I put the binding to the 302mm setting, the mark is slightly behind the center of the window.


based on this document:  which is he only document I have found so far online about these bindings, the mark in the forward pressure indicating window should be in the center or slightly forward.



Should I leave the binding in the 299 mm setting, meaning I keep forcing the boot in the binding every time, but the forward pressure is "correct", or put it to 302 mm, which makes it easier to put the boot in, but the forward pressure is lower than it should?