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SKI Selection Help

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Hi All,


I am looking for a little help in deciding what ski is possibly the best for me.  First off, I am 6'2 about 245lbs, so a lot little of skis just arent made for me.  I have been skiing since I was 5 years old so i know what i am doing.  I currently ride on an older pair of Volkl G3 that just dont get the job done anymore.  I am really into carving down the mountain and looking for a ski that is quick and light but durable enough to withstand my weight.  2 specific models i am interested in are the LINE prophet 100 and the Nordica Enforcer, but they both seem to have downsides that i may want to turn away from.  Last year in a visit to Tahoe, i rented a pair of K2 Apache recons and absolutely loved them, so I guess i am looking for something similar, but a little more aggressive than these because they were a little slower than i like, but the edge control was outstanding.  I am hoping to find a medium between the two and am looking for some suggestions that may help my selection process.  I mostly ski on the east cost but I make an annual West Coast visit and I would like something that is interchangeable between both coasts.  Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help.



-John "BigmanBigplan"

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The current A.M.P (all mountain performance) series from K2 is meant to replace the Apache Recons.  There are a bunch of different ones.  If it were me choosing, I would pick either the Ricter or the Charger to compare to the Recon.  I liked the Recons as you did.  Great skis.


I will be looking to demo some of these this year when heading out West.  

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I'm rather 'large' meeself  . .. 6'-1" and ~250 lbs.  I ski on Dynastar Mythic Riders ... 178 in length with PX12 bindings.  These are plenty stiff and work well in soft snow and/or powder.  I can go as fast of slow as I want.


I've not skied these on East Coast ice, but have put a good amount of time on the hill with these in the Rockies.

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