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What Beginner Skis to Buy?

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Before someone goes again and tells me to search... I've done some research but the information I gathered wasn't enough to answer some personal questions. I would like some personal answers. 

First I am on a budget - somewhere around the ballpark of $300, but will stretch if must. I will probably be looking into some used stuff on the internet(eBay) where it's the cheapest since I can get skis from a few seasons ago. Somethings you might need to know about me before determining what skis would suit me best; I weigh somewhere between 135-140LBS and my height is 5'8"/5'9". My ability to ski is newbie status. I ski greens quite comfortably on greens, but can definitely still stay on there to improve and work on techniques. The last time I skied blues at Whiteface I was having a lot of trouble. I'm hoping these skis will last me till the time I can ski extremely comfortably on blue runs, yet give me a start on greens and really easy blues right now. So, I would like to know the length. From what I've read this is actually quite controversial. Last time I went skiing, my friend was about the same height and weight as me, but his skis were much longer or shorter. That may have been one of the factoring problems for me. Also any brand or type of skis I should specifically be looking into? I've rented skis alone for $35 already. Will be skiing twice this week that's $100 on renting already. I should buy skis soon.

Thanks In Advance

Would also like to include that I'm 18. I've started skiing two years ago? But it was like twice each year, all on bunny slopes, or greens. Will be skiing in the east, mostly groomed, some ungroomed? I'm not too sure. Depends on the mountain? Also not looking to take it to the terrain park, mostly focus on turning, carving, etc.

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the above might be a good start. around $200 with bindings included. RF bindings just slide on and allow esy adjustment for and aft.


If you are a chick then maybe these http://www.levelninesports.com/Roxy-Sugah-Afc-Skis-Wbindings 


I personally wouldn't even think about getting skis until you have the best boots that you can afford and by best I mean a pair that have been fitted by somebody who knows what they are doing. Besides, you need boots so that your bindings can be mounted.

Hope this helps a bit. cheers



Thought about it a bit more and I'm guessing that you don't know enough about skiing and kit to buy something without help. Go to a few bricks and mortar shop and have a chat with some people.  

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Thanks for the suggestion the skis seem like a great choice! I bought boots a few weeks back :)


What bindings should I opt for, and length (170cm)? Please let me know ASAP. I would like to order today.




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The video here says chin length or nose length. I just measured myself with a tape ruler and it's about 150CM to the chin. I think I'm going to go with 156CM. If I remember correctly the workers at Whiteface gave me 170s when I rented based off my height and weight. Some confirmation and reassurance on the length would be nice. I want to buy them now.

Are there any differences between the two bindings offered? Or is it just the style/year difference?

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156cm should be fine.  I know a PSIA Level II instructor who skis on 155cm Atomic SL11 and he's 6' and about 240 pounds. 

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156 will be good, as you are a novice. Can't comment on the bindings but as indicated, I am a railflex fan for a variety of reasons. Have just mounted some RF plates to my Mantras

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