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Where to Ski???

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I will be in SLC for just 2 days at the begining of Feb and what to know where to ski.


I am sure one of the days will be at Snowbird but am unsure of what I will do my second day. I am thinking about Solitude, Park City and Alta. I am an advanced skier and LOVE trees.


Any suggestions??

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If Honeycomb is open and there's been a powder dump in the past week, then I think that Solitude has better tree skiing than Alta. They are both very nice places to ski, but if you haven't ever been to Alta, then you might want to just go there and check out the skiing off of Wildcat and Supreme. PCMR has some nice tree skiing as well, but it is lower angled than what you'll find at Alta and Solitude. The Canyons has some good tree skiing as well, but I still think that Alta and Solitude are generally better, but skiing the quakies can only be done on the PC side. If you go to whichever area is reporting the most snow, you'll have fun.

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Thanks Zman!!! I am guessing the conditions will play a big part in my decision. I see Sunbird and Alta have a joint pass. Would one day be enough to explore both resorts? These will be my first 2 days on the slopes for the season so I may be a bit rusty, I am heading to Jackson Hole for 2 weeks after my 2 days at SLC so will use this time to explore and get my feet in. So can't wait!!!! Thanks again for your help
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Yes, Snowbird and Alta have a joint pass, but you won't be able to fully explore Snowbird in one day, let alone Snowbird and Alta. Since these will be your first two days of skiing for the season, I would just buy the pass for one resort on any day and save yourself some money. Hopefully we'll have good snow for your trip here. Have fun.

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Thanks for your help!!!

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Just 2 days, definitely Snowbird and Alta IMHO.  The combined pass gives you some flexibility on big powder days when terrain opens gradually.  But most of the time save your $ as either area could take you several days to get at most of its terrain.

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I have recently had Snow Basin recommended as a less crowded alternative to PC and Alta/snowbird. Don't know about tree skiing at Snow Basin but the trail map shows lots of black diamond runs.

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Alta/Bird generally has the best conditions/terrain. I like the combo ticket. Sure you can get away with either single resort, but the best terrain is between Collins and the tram and I like the flexibility of skiing Keyhole and Baldy.

Snowbasin can be very good, but it's just not as consistent and conditions can change very fast there.  

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