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Shaking legs

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Hi I have recantly started skiing and I am having a problem with my legs constantly shaking. I am a runner and run marathons and don't know if the ski boots are just pressing on the wrong nreve. Does anyone have any tips or has anyone else experienced this problem and overcome it? 


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Does it emanate from your quads ?
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My legs shake when it's cold and i'm in fear. redface.gif

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It's probably that the strange stance the ski boots force you into is causing it. You'd have a good lot of muscle from your running, and the more muscle you have, the more it's affected by new usage patterns. 


Ski boots have you standing in a very odd way. You can't straighten your legs properly, there's always that slight forward flex, so new muscles are having to do your standing/walking/moving the skis, and they're reacting.


Some anti-inflammatory should calm it down (ibuprofen and similar). Maybe see if bananas help, too. (Potassium).

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Do wall sits.  You are probably in great shape, but your quads might not be used to the sensation of being constantly slightly flexed.

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You're running will give you the stamina you need, but you definitely need to pump some iron for your legs.  Recommend squats and lunges.

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If it's your quads it could be causing by sitting back on your skis.  This is pretty common for beginners.  You should definitely take a lesson and ask the instructor if you're "in the back seat."

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Disclaimer: I'm not a sports physiologist, trainer or anything like that, but....


You mentioned you are a marathoner...   some of the distance runners I know are very thin, have relatively low muscle mass, and their leg muscles have been developed for endurance running.  Yes, the endurance you've developed is beneficial, but more strength is what's needed for skiing, especially in the quads as others have mentioned.  If you look at the legs of world class skiers and world class marathoners - quite different.  You may want to add a little more, heavier weight strength training to your workouts, although this can also affect your running.

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