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I seemed to have convinced myself of the need for a canting analysis and would just like some kind of feedback from others - are my observations indicative of a need for canting analysis?


1. When I ski straight on the flats (hardpack) my right slalom ski tends to drift inward toward the left and then straightens back out and this repeats.  It's noticeable when going at a slower pace, mostly because when I'm going fast I don't look at my feet :)

2. I've had particular difficulty with gradually rolling the right inner edge over for a left turn and feel like I cannot build a high enough edge angle because it engages prematurely in the turn.  I don't really experience this for right turns.  The end result is I sometimes have to compensate by letting the skis drift a bit more in a left turn and then laying down the tracks.

3. I usually have some inner right knee pain after skiing.

4. I have flat feet and I pronate.

5. I do have custom footbeds and I have had cuff alignment done.

6. This happens with both my Fischer RC4's and Lange RS boots.


Do these observations raise any flags - are they tell-tale signs of a need for canting and other adjustments.