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Seeking Yoga advice/poses

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For any of you skiers who've used Yoga to help with balance and flexibility, could you suggest some good poses that you've found are particularly ski related?


Besides one leg standing type things, I seek good hip flexibility suggestions as well.  In general to loosen me up a bit.

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Depends what you mean by hip flexibility.  Many types of yoga are not that dynamic, and flexibility like strength is actually pretty movement-specific.  There in Central Mass you're likely to have Jivamukti or similar somewhat flowing yoga styles that give a decent overall workout, including hip and "core" flexibility.  If there's a specific area you're working on, or if you just want more static flexibility, Bikram or hot yoga is good but non-athletic.  Riding a bike or skating will help ski-related balance far more than any yoga.


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For improving hip range of motion(and joints below) my favorite is monster squats. We can name that frog ready for big hop and it could become yoga?
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Vinyasa yoga is a "flow" yoga. You move smoothly (the goal) from one pose to the next.

Helps build up heat, is mildly aerobic too.


Pigeon is usually done later in the hour as it is quite an intense hip stretch.

It is my area of unusual tightness, so I focus on it, especially for skiing.


Many poses, when done correctly, encourage the use of the inner leg muscles to "pull the inner legs toward each other"

These inner muscles are not strengthened much by daily activities and need targeted exercise. Very useful for skiing.


I suggest you get a book on yoga and look thru the poses. You can create a 15-20 minute "flow routine" based on your needs.

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