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buying drilled skis?

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Alright so,


  I went to a ski shop and asked them about some new skis because my skis are absolute crap and they are way too short. He showed me some Icelantic Pilgrim skis that weren't this years model but he said they were 08's. He said he would sell them to me for 300 (they did not have bindings on them). He said since they are drilled he would sell them for 250$. My parents are worried this messes with the quality of the skis. I think it is a good deal but I have mixed thoughts about them already being drilled for bindings.


Yes or No?

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It's not a problem to have been drilled previously, nothing to worry about.

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Most likely problem would be if the holes they drilled for would prevent them from being drilled for your bindings. Tell them your boot size (BSL) and what binding you want and they will be able to answer that question.

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^ what he said.  Basically, you can drill holes in skis for bindings multiple times, you just need to plug the old holes to prevent water from getting into the ski cores.  The caveat is that the new holes that you drill should miss the old ones by at least 1 cm.  That is usually not a problem if the skis have only been drilled once, and you don't care exactly where they are mounted, but it can get in the way, so you need to check.  Some people feel that too many holes in a ski makes it prone to breaking, but people do it all the time without problem.  Icelantic skis are super beefy and you should have no problem.  OK, after all that, I wouldn't pay 250 for drilled Pilgrims.  Those are Icelantic's park-ish skis, and aren't worth as much as their other models, e.g. the Nomad or Shaman, which are more fat all mountain/big mountain powder rides.  Brand new 09/10 Nomads and Shamans were selling for 325 ish on a sale last fall, which is a great deal, but I definitely think those skis are priced a bit steep.  Wait till spring, you will see a better selection and better deals. 

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