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TLT Vertical FT 92 or 110mm? Or another binding entirely?

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Hi All, 


Sorry for the barrage of questions lately - i'm having difficulty choosing bindings.


I'm 85kg, 180cm tall, and have these options:


1) Dynafit TLT Vertical FT 92mm, 

2) Dynafit TLT Vertical FT 110mm, or

3) Diamir Fritschi Freeride Pro.


These are intended for Sultan Legend 94 skis.  The purpose of the setup is a mix of slackcountry and some touring.  Quite a lot of my closest skiing is in some way lift assisted and this setup is with the joy of downhill in mind... not multi-day tours.


So my first question is, would the 92mm Dynafit TLT Vertical FT fit the 94mm waist width skis?


Secondly, one ski shop is trying to convince me to get the Fritschi binding rather than the Dynafit.  The only benefit of the Fritschi bindings is that I *could* wear my standard Alpine boots with them on the slackcountry days.  I love my downhill boots but i worry if this is a little shortsighted?


Any suggestions? :)


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I have the Vertical FT's with the 92mm brakes mounted on some Dynafit Manaslus. They are 95mm underfoot and the brakes work just fine.


If you want to tour, especially multi day trips, go Dynafit. After 4 or 5 days, Freerides will start to feel pretty heavy. For a day here and there I don't know if it's a big issue, and they are easier to switch from tour to ski mode and back again.

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Wait, don't you already have a touring setup? Is this just a second setup to use sometimes lift assisted?

A few thoughts - I would ditch the notion of the Fritschies. They're inferior to the Dynafits in stiffness and touring. I often advocate still using Dynafits on part time lift assisted skis. But I hear you on you downhill boots. So here is a thought: why not buy a pair of DynaDukes plates and a pair of Dukes. You can the use the Dukes when lift assisted with your downhill boots and switch the ski over to your Dynafits that you already have when not taking lifts. Get a set of their inserts to use on your touring ski so you can pull your Dynafits on and off without harm. I think they have their SolyFits plates too (solly - dynafit)

Check this site out: www.bindingfreedom.com. All my yammering with make sense then. Heh!
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I would think you would try on a bunch of Dynafit compatible boots prior to making this decision?  Boot's are still the most important component and your not going very far if your feet hurt. 

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Hi Guys, 


Thanks very much for the responses! :)  


Que: Yes, this is another setup specifically for lift-assisted or short-climb powder days.  My other setup is super-light for multi-day touring.  I've been told that the Fritschi adds stability but I don't quite buy that.  I prefer the Marker Baron/Dukes anyway because I can see that the double bar will definitely be stiffer.  Anyway, i'm not going to be jumping off any cliffs any time soon, so i actually think the DynaFits alone would be fine for me.  I really like the option of having both bindings though... very appealing!


ShreadHead: I've got Dalbello Virus Tour boots and I do like them and feel confident on them, but i really really like my Head Mojo Alpine boots and for lift accessed stuff, i'd rather just be in them.  Possibly i should just bite the bullet and just practice more with the Dalbellos.


I like the DynaDuke plate idea!  I wonder if they can ship out to France?  I suppose it's not a problem re-drilling my current touring skis (Dynastar Altitrail Vertical Light) to attach the plates?  




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Hey Ian-

I am the creator of the dynaduke plates.  Sounds like this might be a good solution for you.  We ship all over the world, including France.  The plates were designed with a wide mounting pattern so as to avoid previous mounts.  If you tell me what bindings you had mounted on the dynastars, I can confirm that you can mount the dynadukes once you fill the old holes.


back to the original question: I use dynafit verticals and use them for everything but Moguls, gnarly inbounds, and hucks.  I have dynafit compatible boots I really like and use them everyday: dynafit Titans.  The choice to go or not go dynafit depends entirely on your boot quiver IMO.  If you've got a good dynafit compatible boot, there's no better binding.


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