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Tightness BEHIND the knee after full day on the slopes

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So, last week I skied for the first time this season - 5 days at Wolf Creek- CO.  Prior to the season, I've done quite a bit of prep - conditioning, mostly via cycling both on and off road and some lifting and strength training in the gym.


At the end of the first couple of days last week I noticed quite a bit of tightness behind my left knee when walking back to the car.  A short sit in the hot tub seemed to remedy this and any pain or stiffness didn't persist.  Last night, back home in the gym, I did a spinning class and the stiffness and a bit of soreness returned.  To the point that I had to ease into some of the routine.


The slight pain and stiffness are specifically behind the knee ... not in the calf, thigh or hamstring area ... so this leads me to think perhaps some tendon-ligament strain. 


Are there stretching or other routines I could do to relieve this?  What are your thoughts on prognosis and remedy? I've plans to hit Tahoe for a week towards the end of January and would like to have a better handle on this so that it does not put a damper on the trip.


Thanks ...

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Remember that all muscles connect ACROSS joints via tendons, so it's not necessarily a straight-up non-muscle issue. Could be tightness in the hamstrings, calves, OR quad muscles groups. Talk to your cycling instructor about some good stretches. A good instructor should be able to give you several safe and effective stretches for these muscle groups. They are some of the easiest muscles to stretch :D Make sure they show you how to stretch BOTH calf muscles. I'd tell you the stretches but it's a lot easier being taught in person. IF the stretches don't help, then it's time to see a Dr. Good luck!

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There are numerous reasons that could be giving you pain.

But I'm betting on the one that you answered your self.

You stated that you do a bunch of biking.(quad dominant) .Your hamstrings are probably weak and tight causing an imbalance.

As far as stretching think in terms of mobilizing a range of motion 

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When my IT joint is out of alignment or my hip is stiff (think ball impacted into socket) it can cause strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments further down the line creating pain in the knee (various places).  Do you have pain elsewhere?


I think someone mentioned it correctly that you are probably working little too much quands and not enough hamstrings causing imbalances impacting in the knee.   However, it could be more than that. 


I would focus on a good overall stretching program (not focusing on one area) and see if that helps.  Yoga is great for this type of program.  Like spin class, instructors make all the difference between a great class and a so-so class.  Remember to warm up prior to stretching (which is why I like yoga). 


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Yep ... pretty much my thought too with the quad dominance.  I already have an issue with the same knee because of this. 


My thought here though was for someone with similar problem to share their experience on stretching, exercises, etc. on what these did to alleviate the problem.

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One-legged spinning is your friend.
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Yea sounds like a muscle imbalance, gotta work those hamstrings! I've had it also, just switch to a more rounded workout, or if your biking loads outside the gym do a hamstring dominated workout in the gym!

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