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Salomon Shogun vs Falcon CS (X3 CS)

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Hi guys.


Can't choose boots for 2 years already. :(

I'm 5'11" (180cm) 155lbs (70kg) intermediate skier and I'm looking for one boot for everything. I ski medium speed carving and classic 60/40 on pist. I'd like to ski bumps and offpist but I don't have enough skills yet. I will never race. I think 100 Flex would be ok.


I measured 26.1 size and 99-100mm width with Salomon measuring device, normal instep, narrow calf.

I tried Salomon Shogun 26.0 (98mm last) and like it very much. Shell fit is a little bit less than 2 fingers (very hard to measure, difficult to put hand behind the heel). Shogun seemed very good, I need to buckle both buckles only to 2-3rd position to hold my foot tight. I had a chance to compare to Falcon 10 26.5, and I liked shogun more. I didn't feel any pressure points on my foot except some right foot side discomfort point in toe area (left foot is ok). I think this could be fixed by heating liners. Boots seem to be too comfortable. I tried 25.5 but they feel too small, toes are bent, I feel toes at the end even if I flex forward, difficult to buckle, very tight.


1. Do Shogun/Falcon/X3 liners  pack out much? Please tell me that size 26.0 is ok for me.

2. Is Shogun is ok if I ski onpist most of the time (100% time right now) and more than 50% carving? Or I should search for X3 CS (Falcon CS)?

3. Do I need Custom shell? My foot is 2mm wider than boot last (98mm), but I don't feel any pain at least in the shop. But CS could help to reduce pressure on the right foot side if heating does not help. CS is some kind of insurance that boot will fit.

4. Which boot is warmer Shogun or X3 CS (Falcon CS)?


IMHO Shogun has stupid brown color.


Thank you.


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1)  not too much if the shell fit is right to start with.  If the shell is too big, the liner will stretch to that shell shape, and will become too big as well.   26.5 and 26.0 have the same shell, so will both pack out to be the same

2)should be fine, if it fits right.

3)  CS helps to get the fit better, faster, for bootfitters with less skills.   ANY shell can be made 2mm wider, from any brand.

4)  same.  warmth comes from dry boots, and socks. and having circulation.

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Thanks for reply mntlion!

I think shell fit is a little bit more than you usually advice 15mm as performance fit, but it feels ok.


I'm sure that Shogun is better for Freeride. What about Shogun vs Falcon boots for onpist carving skiing? I mean is Shogun almost the same good as Falcons? It has the same 98mm shell fit, X3 liner and cushioning.

Do 2 buckles give enough support for carving skiing?


I still need all day, all mountain boots, one for everything.


Thank you,


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performance is from the fit, not the marketing.   any of the above boots will suck for what they ar emade for if they dont fit you.  Same thing that you can ski backwards in a race boot and it will not break.   Boots fit YOU skis are for conditions...





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