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First time bootfitting

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Skiing 20 years (started when I was 5).  More so in the last couple years.  Advanced, I'd say.  145lbs.
Just picked up some Movement Couloir skis and Fritchi Freeride + bindings (looking to start into the backcountry). Also have to get these suckers mounted (so hoping to swing a deal when I get boots too!).

At the resort, I'm usually 75% in trees vs groomers.
Flat feet (~100mm at forefoot). 8.5 US street size.

So I hit up a couple stores the other day.

Store 1 was my first choice.  Sat me down, sized me, and brought over a last year model boot (Atomic CS110).  Shell fit me into a 25.  Ski socks and replaced the liner, and then tried it on. Felt pretty good.  Very little heel lift when trying to tippytoe.  It did dig into my arches quite a bit, but the guy was saying it could be punched out.  $450 
Also tried on a Technica boot, but within 5 minutes, my feet were tingling.

Store 2.  Didn't shell fit or offer ski socks.  Put me into a Head Vector Project in a 25.5.  Felt (too?) comfortable.  Also tried a Solomon (Impact?), but the top of the boot was digging into my foot.  Might try a different location to see if I can get them to do a propper fit.

So I was leaning towards store 1, but found out the Atomics I tried was a race boot.  Am I getting too hung up on terminology?  He did say he could move the bolt in the back to soften the boot up.  They also carry the Hawx which I didn't try.

I do have a third option.  I can get a good deal ($500) on some Scarpa Typhoons, however, it would be sight unseen (and get work done later if needed).  Would it's general fit be good for me?

So far, Atomics were pretty good fit.  Technica not so much.  Solomon pinched at the top.  Head were alright, but not properly fitted.


Edit: Just to add, I haven't been to Lou's yet, but will try to give that a shot too.  Just a bit scared how expensive it'll get.  What would I be looking at?

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go see Lou, or come see me in banff.   Our prices are the same as everyone else, but odds are you will have a better fit.


sounds like the atomic is AN option, and store #2 (salomon) doesn't really know much.  dont order anything without trying it on.   That is just russian roulette for your feet.

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Lou here speaking for Lou.  We don't charge until you buy the boots or come in we'll measure you, look at your feet and decide what we think is best.   We'll do a shell fit tell you what we think needs to be done to make the boot comfortable and tell you the costs.  You decide whether you want to go forward.


A race boot is a boot with a 98mm or narrower last.  It is appropriate for 100% of skiers that have that size foot or slightly wider.  Don't worry about terminology.



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