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70s Hot doggers Coaches

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Hi all - My first post.   I was just trying to remember the coach who worked the early Willard team (Bruce Boleski, Ernie... and others), which went to Waterville valley and the team did great.  I think Bruce won, and Ernie (forgot his last name) came in 2nd or so overall.  I thought his name was Gary Koosmick?   I probably spelled it wrong, but if anyone remembered him I would love to hear about what happened to him.   I hear Bruce Boleski might be at Stratton and I have made contact with others who competed around NY/VT/NH in those early 70s who actually are members of a running club here too.  Just was trying to remember.   I was one of the "got there too late, and was too old and unathletic enough to really do well on that circuit. 



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I took a group from my school at Mt. Snow over to do a demonstration at West Mountain.  We skied with Mike Shea and Bruce Boleski and others.  Bruce was part of the first National team that I took to Europe for a demonstration tour along with, can't remember his first name, but his last name was Reid. I have often wondered what became of a number of the competitors, etc from that time.  I would like to get a reunion if I could for a ski weekend someplace.  Those were great times.   

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kec56 mentions Reid here in another post. I think he is right that his first name was Jim.....it rings a bell. http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/72575/waaayyyyy-back-to-1976-freestyle#post_981241


He goes on to mention Ernie's last name as Forst.

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Yes, that's it, Jim Reid. A couple of weeks ago I found some old notebooks that were filled with news articles  about the results at numerous freestyle events that involved not only my own students but Bruce, Ernie, and others.  It doesn't take long to begin reviewing old news articles and find yourself reminising about those days. Fond memories.

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